Luigi’s Mansion 3 The Great Stage 4F Guide

The Great Stage is the 4th Floor in Luigi’s Mansion 3 where players get to live out their ballerina fantasies if they have any. In this Luigi’s Mansion 3 guide, we will tell you how to complete the 4F of the game as well as locate all the hidden gems you can collect.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 The Great Stage

Once you reach The Great Stage, you are going to be coming across one of the hardest boss battles of the game. You have to defeat the Pianist boss in this stage and your goal is to rescue the trapped toad. You have to reach to the fourth floor of the hotel room in order to start The Great Stage.

Go to the carpet and walk over it while dodging over the bumps in the carpet by ZR + ZL. On your right side, you are going to see a door which is going to take you to the piano room. You have to go to the stairs of the stage and climb over them which is going to trigger the piano boss to appear and the mission will start.

While the Pianist boss is going to be playing the piano, all the seats in the room are going to be flying and falling over you. In order to dodge the chairs, you have to run around the auditorium. Once the auditorium goes empty after all the chairs have broken down, you are going to see some ballerina ghosts coming your way.

You have to suck up the masquerade masks in order to stun the ghosts. Use vacuum over them to slam them over the ground one by one and that is how you are going to finish them. Once all the ghosts are defeated, the Pianist boss is going to hide inside the piano and get possession over it.

Every time the piano is going to fall over you, a spotlight is going to appear from above which is going to show the place where the piano will be falling over. Immediately move from that place to avoid the piano. When the piano falls the third time, a wave is going to be created which you have to jump over by using ZL + ZR.

The piano is going to slam on the stage now and is going to shoot out some bombs out of it. The red one is going to explode immediately and pick up the black one to throw it inside the piano. When the piano is standing vertically, use suction to slam it on to the ground.

The piano is again going to produce a wave that you have to avoid. It is going to shoot out its keys and at this moment, you have to be far away and you can easily get out from between them.

Once it is done, the piano is going to repeat from dropping over you three times before shooting bombs at you. The cycle is going to repeat itself three times before the piano is destroyed and you can defeat the piano boss.

The stairs are going to reappear once you are done with the boss and now you can go over the stage and rescue the toad from the painting. Walk with him to the elevator and start your ride for floor 6.

Gem #1
Inside the women’s restroom, use the Dark Light to reveal the faucet on the right side of the sink. On turning the faucet on, a ghost gem is going to appear.

Gem #2
Inside the dressing room for the musician, use your Dark Light on the piano to reveal the mission keys. On interacting with the piano, a gem is going to appear.

Gem #3
Inside the men’s restroom, use Gooigi to pass through the gate and pull on the gold cord for the inflatable boo on the wall. Now go to the boo wall and interact with it and you will be taken to the other side. Play all the notes by vacuuming the bottles and the safe will open, revealing the gem.

Gem #4
This gem is unattainable until you get an upgrade during the Spectral Catch objectives.

Gem #5
Blow into the tube with the Poltergust and a gem is going to appear at the top. Use Gooigi to vacuum the gem out of the tuba.

Gem #6
Go to the popcorn machine and flash the green light with Stobulb until the machine overflows. It is going to reveal the gem once it’s full.