Luigi’s Mansion 3 RIP Suites 5F Guide

The fifth floor in Luigi’s Mansion 3, RIP Suites, holds many secrets and gem collectibles for players to find. In this guide, we will help you complete the RIP Suites level as well as collect all the gems located on this floor.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 RIP Suites

After installing the TRACKER in the elevator, Luigi is tasked to head to Dr. E. Gadd to retrieve his briefcase from his room on the floor 5F.

Clear the path by using suction shot to remove the suitcases on the right. Head down the lobby to the very last room, Room 508. On entering the room, you’ll see the Maid Boss, who will eat Dr. E. Gadd’s briefcase and run away into the next room.

Head into room 507 and confront the ghost. Again she’ll run away after taking some damage. Now follow her to room 505 instead of 506. Here again, she’ll run away after a few blows.

Now follow her to room 506 and get the briefcase after landing final blows and capturing her. Get the briefcase to Dr. E. Gadd in the basement and end the level. The full Maid boss fight guide can be seen here to help you with all the useful tips of this encounter.

Described above is just the basic walkthrough. Now let’s look at the gems found in the level. There are 6 Gems total and we have given their locations below:

Gem 1
After removing the briefcase, head straight into the waiting area with the telephone. Notice the vending machine? Use the suction shot to drop it. Go in the door hidden behind it, and use suction shot to open the vent in the left corner in front of you. The gem is behind it.

Gem 2
While going to room 508, take the orb from the statue on the right in the lobby, then smash it onto the statue on the left with the gem in its mouth. This will release the 2nd Gem.

Gem 3
You have spooked the Maid boss from Room 508. Instead of going after her, head to the balcony through the door in the left. There, use the telescope and see through it until interfered by a ghost. Capturing this ghost will give you the 3rd gemstone.

Gem 4
After the maid boss again escapes from room 507, head into the bathroom on right. Use Luigi’s dark light to reveal the hidden pathway in the left corner and head inside. There, you will find a chest with the 4th gem.

Gem 5
After returning the briefcase, return to F5 with Gooigi and remove the sofa on left by getting them both to use their suction shot. Head in and notice the door on left missing. Reveal it with dark light and head into Princess Peach’s room. Again, reveal the hidden door in the back right corner behind her luggage. Remove the luggage with the suction shot. Head out and interact with the gargoyle to get the 5th gem.

Gem 6
Continue to the left in the lobby and notice another missing door. Use the Dark Light to reveal it. Head inside. Use the suction shot on the cart to the left to break it and enter the bathroom. Pull the shower curtain. Use Gooigi to drop down into the drain below.

Break the wooden panels with the suction shot. Use the vacuum to move the valve to the right. Open the chest while you’re here. Return above and point the vacuum to the bathtub faucet and blow (ZL) until the shower fills the tub. A yellow case will appear. Break it open with the suction shot. Once it’s open, you’ll have the 6th Gem.

In addition to these, three basement gems can found after getting Gooigi and suction shot.

Basement Gem #2
While still in the garage, move to the far left and up the steps. Activate Gooigi by double-clicking the right stick. Switch so that you’re controlling Gooigi and use him to smoosh directly through the cage. With Gooigi, use the suction shot to open up the power box. After pulling the panel off the box, use the Stobulb to flash the green light. The electricity will power the machine and release a red gem.

Basement Gem #3
Walk to the right side of the garage, past the car, to the vent in the wall. Hit it with the Suction Shot to open it up. Walk into it and climb up the ladder. Activate Gooigi and have Gooigi walk to the back left, so he can drop down the grates on the floor. Walk over and pick up the blue gem.

Basement Gem #6
Exit the garage and walk to the right, past the elevator and through the door. From there, go up the stairs. At the top, activate Gooigi and have Gooigi stand in the back, over the grate so that Gooigi can drop down and get the final gem.

Hidden Areas
These areas are a bit tricky to find.

  • In the waiting area, use suction shot to open the window barricaded with planks behind the curtain. Now head out. Going to Luigi’s right will lead you to a chest outside the window. Going to the left, on the window at the far end will take you to another secret area with a chest…and many many spiders.
  • While entering the lobby from the elevator, see that the wallpaper is a bit scrapped of. Use the suction shot to completely remove it and go inside.
  • There is a wardrobe hidden in room 506 behind one of the curtains. Use the dark light to reveal it.
  • In room 504, the wardrobe appears locked. Break it with the suction shot and use the dark light on the portrait inside to get some gold.

And there you have it, the complete guide to Floor F5 in Luigi’s Mansion 3

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