Luigi’s Mansion 3 Polterkitty ‘Cat Ghost’ Guide

Luigi’s Mansion 3 has a lot in store for you in terms of great level and boss designs. Certain points in the game can be really confusing, but at the same time not all that frustrating and a good well thought out challenge. However, a particular ghost in Luigi’s Mansion 3 called Polterkitty might have you on the edge of your seat, so let us talk about how to get rid of that ghost cat.

Going through the game’s different ghosts, you might find yourself stumped with this cute guy, just keep to the following steps and you’ll show Polterkitty the spirit of Halloween.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Polterkitty

For the first few minutes with Polterkitty, you will essentially be provoking her, find her with your dark light, follow the footprints, and once she jumps up in the air, just make sure to light her up with your flashlight. This will cause the cat to get angry and enter the fighting mode. The cat has now become a blood-thirsty monster that will not stop until Luigi is dead.

You might try a lot of things and fail in killing the Polterkitty but it is actually very easy to defeat this cute ghost cat.

A lot like Slenderman, you can NOT look directly at the Polterkitty. Keep your eyes off the cat. Wait for it to jump down and sneak up on you, once it gets ready to strike you, simply turn around and shine your flashlight across its face. The window of opportunity is a little small so make sure you time it right otherwise if you fail too many times, you might have to find the cat again and provoke it the same way described above.

When the Polterkitty is stunned use your Poltergust to try and trap it, hit A and smash the cat by the tail. Eventually, you’ll end up sucking the Polterkitty’s tail. Now, it will simply cough up the ninth floor elevator button and leave. Congratulations, you got rid of the stray cat problem.

Polterkitty is an interesting and intimidating ghost, and for the first few tries, you might not even know how to deal with the damn thing. With proper patience and timing, you should have no problem dealing with this particular ghost. Our purple hairy friend does run away leaving a little mystery in our heads. It’s okay though, it’s not like the hairy little fellow would show much of a problem should it appear again. Or would it?

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