Luigi’s Mansion 3 Paranormal Productions 8F Guide

In this walkthrough guide we will go in detail about how you can clear the eighth floor in Luigi's Mansion 3 in order to finish Paranormal Productions

At the 8th floor of Luigi’s Mansion you will get the Paranormal Productions quests. In this Luigi’s Mansion 3 guide, we have covered all the locations of gems in Paranormal Productions along with a solution to the director’s megaphone puzzle plus all the tips and tricks to take down Godzilla boss as well.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Paranormal Productions

When you enter the Paranormal Production you will see a TV on the left side, it will come again after a while. Just go and explore Floor 8. Follow the Red carpet and you will get to a big room with film pictures on the walls and a TV in the left corner. You need to get to the Director’s Room (Through The Big Door) in the center of the room.

Go to the TV and interact with it by pressing X and it will make you disappear and reappear from that TV you saw at the beginning. When you get out of the TV, pull a liver appearing with the wall on left and you will get the key to that big door.

Find the Director’s Megaphone
Now enter that big room and talk to Director, he will be crying over his lost megaphone. You need to help him find it. Go to the left side on the back of the studio, you will see a big production set and a TV there as well. Interact with that TV and it will get you back to Director’s room, from there pick a basket and get back into the TV. You will have to direct the movie to get some water from the well using the basket.

But you will not be able to do that and will have to go back to the director’s room and go to set number 2 this time. Interact with TV and get that basket from the director’s room again. This time go to the camera and it will be a war scene.

Catch the ghosts and kill them, climb the tower and get that fire holder back. Go to set number 3, this time there will be a building on fire, catch and kill the ghosts there and also that red big ghost as well. Get some fire in the fire holder from this set and get it to the set number 4. From this set you will need to get a big red horn from a box in the middle of the set. That big red horn is the megaphone of the Director.


Help Director Shoot a film
After getting the megaphone, the director will ask you to shoot a film for him. He will go to a miniature set and will shoot you. There you will face the Kaiju boss and will have to take it down.

Kaiju Monster
You will fight this Kaiju boss in the miniature set. It will attack you with its blasts that you can fend off with the blower. Then it will attack you with fire blast. You need to dodge them and fend them off with the blower. After two or three blasts, a final blast will finish the Kaiju and a small ghost will appear.

Catch that ghost as well and kill it too. This way you will help the director finish the film and the director will give you the key to the elevator. Go to the director’s room and capture him as well. After that get back to the elevator and put the key in the elevator.

This is how you will clear the 8F in Luigi’s Mansion 3.