Luigi’s Mansion 3 Mezzanine 2F Guide

Even though players have already been to the 2nd floor, now the suction pump will allow more areas to be easily explored so in this guide we will help them fully complete the Mezzanine section of Luigi’s Mansion 3. Again, the main objective is to get the elevator button.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Mezzanine

Welcome to the 2nd floor. Head left of the elevator and open the door by removing the blocking sign. Enter and you’ll see a ghost dog. Follow him. Enter the dining room and after getting rid of all the ghosts, enter the kitchen, where you’ll find a lot of smoke. Suck it all into the vacuum using both Luigi and Gooigi.

The smoke reveals the Chef boss, who will be using a frying pan to protect himself from getting stunned. Now, to stun him, the player has to get him to drop the pan. This can be done in two ways, either you pick up a pumpkin or melon in the kitchen and throw it at the boss.

Remember that while he is spinning to attack you, the pumpkin or melon will NOT disarm him, so make sure he is not attacking you.

The second way is to use the suction pump, again when is not spinning. Once disarmed, the boss can be stunned and attacked. Luigi will get the button…but not that quick.

A pesky mouse will jump out of nowhere….eat the button……and run away. Follow him and lure him out by using a piece of cheese. You get to kill him in the dining room by stunning him but again Luigi loses the button to another rat.

Follow him. First, he’ll go into the room will the snooker table (make sure you pot all the balls on the table to get some gold and vacuum the pig too). Break the cupboards to draw out the mouse, who will now run away into the bathrooms.

The door to the bathroom is blocked from the outher side for Luigi, so head into the adjacent room and use the vent to go as Gooigi. The rat will be in one of the stalls. Kill him to get the button once and for all. Return to the lab to Dr. E. Gadd

Mezzanine Gem #1
Use the suction shot to pull the door off the stall on the far right im the blocked bathroom. Vacuum up the newspaper. Capture the ghost in the toilet to get the gem.

Mezzanine Gem #2
From the Intro section. Vacuum the chandelier and a panel will move, revealing a hidden area. Enter the newly revealed area for another gem.

Mezzanine Gem #3
In the kitchen, use the suction shot to open the fridge door (on the left). You’ll see a dangling object. Walk up to it and vacuum it to reveal its true form. Vacuum up the ice block sitting on the bottom left shelf. Walk it up to the stove and have Gooigi turn the stove on from the right side. With the flames burning fiercely, walk over so that the flames can melt the ice block and reveal the gem inside.

Mezzanine Gem #4
From the Intro section. Suck up the purple coat hanging on the left closet. Use your strobulb to open the safe. A gem will pop out of the safe.

Mezzanine Gem #5
Vacuum the swords hanging on the wall in the Snooker room to the right of the pool table but before the steps. Suck up one of those swords into the poltergust and shoot it at the dartboard. This will release a dark purple gem.

Mezzanine Gem #6
Back to the restaurant area! Before heading through the door to follow Polterpup, vacuum the utensils on each side of the door. You’ll need both Luigi and Gooigi to do this. As these utensils spin, the lights above you will glow. Eventually, once all the lights are on, a yellow gem will drop from the ceiling.

Capture Boo
When you see Dr. E. Gadd, he gives you a “Boo Tracker” . There is one on each floor and can be found after the main objective has been completed, so you’d need to back track for gems. You can easily get the first boo in basement, in the Laundry.

To find one, listen for the music. Scary music means there is one nearby. Now move around while feeling the vibration in your controller. Once detected, reveal them by Dark Light and suck them by the tongue and slam them over and over. Repeat until caught!

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