Luigi’s Mansion 3 Maid Chambrea Boss Guide

Maid Chambrea is one of the most challenging bosses in Luigi's Mansion 3. Here is how to bring it down easily.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 throws a ghostly gauntlet at you, and the second boss you’ll encounter is a real nightmare for the faint of heart – Maid Chambrea, or Chambermain. This spectral housekeeper guards a crucial item in the RIP Suites, but defeating her is no easy feat.

Chambrea’s main trick is vanishing after brief confrontations. This can be frustrating, especially if you’re unsure where to find her next. Don’t worry; this guide will share tips on tracking her down and sending her packing.

We’ll detail Chambrea’s movement patterns, reveal her weakness, and provide strategies for both capturing her and keeping her subdued.

How to find Chambrea ‘Maid’ in Luigi’s Mansion 3?

You will first see Chambrea cleaning the Grand Lobby in the prologue, and then you will encounter her in the RIP Suites dusting room 508. Chambrea keeps switching suites from 508 to 504. So, if she disappears from one room, you should go look in the other nearest one.

Did You Know

If you’re standing on one side of the room, Chambrea escapes through the wall that is closest to her. Some players have found Chambrea escaping from the front door instead of the wall; if you encounter such a situation, look for her in the corridor.

How to defeat Chambrea?

Luigi's Mansion 3 Maid chambrea

When you encounter Chambrea in room 508, she swallows E. Gadd’s suitcase, which is important to Luigi. When you try vacuuming her, she will use her duster on you and flee to the other room.

Whenever the maid ghost escapes, use Dark-Light to track her imprints in the other room. You can use the same method to get her inside the Poltergust once her health has dropped.

As for the fight, it is recommended to practice the Suction Shot before you get into it. This helps you grab Chambrea and slam her on the floor while decreasing her health. You can do this by holding the Y button, and an aiming reticule will appear, making the attack easier.

If she’s moving around too fast, you can use the Strobulb to stun her, use the Suction Shot attack to aim and the briefcase, and slam her on the floor a couple of times before she regains her senses.

Once you defeat Chambrea, she will drop the briefcase out and will tickle you for one last time before getting sucked into the Poltergust.

Rewards for defeating Chambrea ‘Maid’

You will get the elevator button for the third floor as a reward for defeating her. This elevator button gives you access to Hotel Shops and allows Professor E. Gadd to supply Gooigi to Luigi.

Chambrae disappearance glitch in Luigi’s Mansion 3

Luigi's Mansion 3 Maid chambrea

Some players have reported that Chambrae disappeared without a trace and they cannot find her in any of the nearby rooms. If you do encounter such a glitch, the solution is to look through all the rooms again in a sequence and she will reappear. You need to make sure you check the corridor and all the rooms.

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