Luigi’s Mansion 3 Johnny Deepend ‘Trainer’ Boss Guide

Each floor has its own ghost boss that follows the theme of that floor, which in the case of Johnny Deepend is a fitness trainer on 13F, Fitness Center of Luigi’s Mansion 3. In this guide, we would be discussing how to defeat the Trainer boss in the game.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Trainer Boss

Johnny seems like he did all the days at the gym but forgot to train his legs. The attacks he does are; throwing polo balls at you and spraying Gooigi with a mouth full of water and he is very quick with his attacks.

What Gooigi has to do is blow air at the valve which is present on the back wall so that the pool is drained out. For that you have to make sure that he has gotten through the fences on either side of the pool.

You can do this easily if you keep both characters under cover. You can use the scoreboard or the pool starting block for Luigi which will keep him safe from the ball tosses and you can use any of the two pillars to save Gooigi from the water spray. These pillars are on the north side of the pool.

You can stun Johnny Deepend by throwing a ball at him using Luigi’s Poltergust. You can to time this attack when he leaps out of the water and attacks. When he is tunned you can move Gooigi to behind any of the pillar and when is stunned the second time then you can make him go to the valve. You cannot do that in the same window as there is not enough time.

Johnny Deepend will be wedged at the bottom of the pool when the pool is drained and then you can stun him by stomping on him. After that you have to vacuum up his goggles and use the Strobulb and vacuum combo to finish him. The button to floor number 14 will be your reward.

This is all you need to do to defeat the physical trainer boss. For more boss fights guide visit our site. Have fun defeating the trainer

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