Luigi’s Mansion 3 Hotel Shops 3F Guide

The third floor in Luigi’s Mansion 3 is a basic hotel shop. Luigi goes in to get the elevator key to the 2nd floor. There are also 6 gems scattered across the 3F Hotel Shops and in this guide we will show you how to collect them all.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Hotel Shops

Upon reaching the 3rd floor, the player needs a key to the market area. Now to get that, head right into the bathroom and the key is in the stall on the right. Get the key and get inside the Market, where you will see the Security Guard ghost.

As he goes into his office, he’ll drop the DIAMOND KEY. Pick it up and come to the main area. Go to the shop in the upper left and use Gooigi to go inside and use the key in the Cash Register to get the HEART KEY.

Now head to the shop on the lower right and repeat to get the SPADE KEY. Now go the shop on the upper right and again, use the key in the cash register to get the SPACE KEY.

Head down again to the left. The barber shop has a scissor with two clover icons on both sides. Use both Luigi and Gooigi to turn them and open the way for Gooigi to go in. Get the final STAR KEY. When walking out, you will be attacked by a red ghost, Hammer.

Stun him and get behind him to vacuum his tail. Remember that you have to get Gooigi out of the shop with the key before you can go back to Luigi. Now go to the office and confront the Security ghost to get the 2nd floor elevator button. Vacuum his glasses off so you can stun him and attack him. Watch out as you need to use Gooigi, and the guard has a water gun with him.

Hotel Shops Gem #1
Use the Dark Light to reveal the grate on the floor. Have Gooigi drop into the grate and move to the left. There, he’ll find a valve. Turn the valve so that the water above drains.Return above (by returning Gooigi to the poltergust).Use the suction shot to pull off the vent cover. Have Gooigi travel through the pipe. Now just walk up to the gem.

Hotel Shops Gem #2
Use your Stobulb on the vending machine’s blinking green light over and over again, until a gem pops out.

Hotel Shops Gem #3
Return to the left and you’ll be in front of the gift shop, with the Spade icon it. Move towards the camera and you’ll reach a little gate with some shrubbery behind it. Using Luigi, do the burst move (ZL + ZR) to open the gate. Walk forward and to the right and through the door you can’t see. Move all the way to the right. Once again, you won’t really be able to see where you’re heading to but keep going right. Open the treasure chest for the silver gem.

Hotel Shops Gem #4
Return to the shops section and move to the far left until you reach the wall (i.e walk past the gifts shop, coffee shops, and shop with the diamond icon). Once you’re there, use your Dark Light to reveal the rest of the ladder. Take the ladder up and move to the far right. Open the treasure chest for the green gem. Also, watch out for the bats. You can get rid of them with a burst move and then vacuum or flash them.

Hotel Shops Gem #5
Inside the jewelry store (Diamond key) smash a ghost or a piece of luggage into the back glass case to get the gem. If you don’t slam a ghost into the case you can suction shot and drag a suitcase there.

Hotel Shops Gem #6
In gift shop(heart key) use the suction shot on the mannequin bust. Pull on it to reveal a secret passageway. Enter the new opening and suck up the gem caught in the cobweb on the upper right.

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