Luigi’s Mansion 3 Dr. Potter ‘Gardener Boss Guide

The Garden Suites is one of the many locations players must go through in Luigi’s Mansion 3. It features plants, plants, and, shockingly, even more plants… and a ghostly, incorporeal gardener. The malignant apparition, aptly named ‘ Dr. Potter (Gardener)’ is a dangerous boss that will torment you throughout this level in Luigi’s Mansion 3, and you’ll gain the chance to best him at the very end; this guide is here to tell exactly how to do that!

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Dr. Potter (Gardener) Boss

After overcoming all the hurdles and obstacles placed in your way – courtesy of the Gardener – you will find yourself in the main area of the Garden Suites, all paths blocked off by gates that emit a purple aura. The Gardener will appear before you, holding onto a pot containing a very dangerous, and a very hungry carnivorous Venus flytrap.

The Gardener has a total of 300 HP, and getting it down to 0 is not exactly an easy task. The first thing you need to know is that hitting him directly will do absolutely nothing; he’ll use the potted plant to block any attack. Sneaking up from behind won’t do you any good either.

Secondly, if you’re far enough from the Dr. Potter (Gardener) and his plant, they won’t know where you are – the Venus flytrap will try to sniff you out. You can gain its attention by flashing the flashlight at its face.

The Venus flytrap has a total of 3 attacks: it will either swipe at you, lunge at you (extending the stem), or it will attack you from above. Each attack can be quite deadly, so always be ready to move.

Around the area there will be 4 burgeoning flowers; after a few seconds, each flower will turn into a large, glowing plant. This plant can easily be destroyed by the Venus flytrap – if it swipes at it or attacks from above, however, if extends its stem and lunges at the plant, its mouth will get stuck and it’ll be left vulnerable.

The strategy is to lure the Dr. Potter – use the flashlight – and have it extend and lunge at the glowing plant. Once it’s stuck, there is a buzzsaw nearby that you can use; pick up the buzzsaw with your vacuum and use it to cut the stem in half. You have to be very quick though, if you dawdle for too long, the Venus flytrap will free itself and you’ll be back at square one.

After you’ve cut the stem, the Gardener is defenseless. Use your vacuum to stun him and slam him into the ground multiple times. This will take a sizable chunk out of its total HP, however doing this once won’t cut it – you’ll have to do it multiple times!

To sum up, Dr. Potter aka the Gardener (who has 300 HP) will sic its voracious plant at you; use the glowing plants to trap the Venus flytrap (only works when it lunges at the glowing plants) and then use the buzzsaw to cut the stem in half. Vacuum up the Gardener and prove, once and for all, that you’re the one with the green thumb!