Luigi’s Mansion 3 Fitness Center 13F Guide

The 13th floor in Luigi’s Mansion 3 is a Fitness Center, which is haunted by the ghost of a water polo player. This guide contains all the information you need to know to easily beat the 13F level in Luigi’s Mansion.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Fitness Center

When you enter this floor, open the left door, then try the adjacent one. Once you have done that, look through the glass pane at the back. After doing that, a bunch of ghosts will appear around you. Eliminate them to obtain a key.

Locker Room
Use this key to unlock the door and progress through the floor. The next section of the Fitness Center will be the locker room. The first thing you need to do here is to drop the lockers using suction cups, so you can eliminate the ghosts. Once all the ghosts are defeated, walk through the door.

Weight Room
This section of the Fitness Center is the Weight Room. In order to eliminate the enemies in this room, you must stand in the middle of the room and flash the boxer. Now, wait until a weight is thrown towards him by the second ghost. This is your chance to inflict damage on him.

After beating the first ghost, get a boxing glove using your suction device and throw it at the second ghost. This will disarm him, allowing you to easily beat him. Once you’ve eliminated all the ghosts in this room, go through the door on the left and walk to the training bikes. Blow on the one that is close to you and you will obtain another key.

Yoga Room
Using the key, you can now enter the Yoga Room. There is a hidden passage here which can be unlocked by vacuuming the second mat on the right, and then the first one on the left. Go through this passage and obtain the key from the chest, which is on the balcony.

After getting the key, go back through the passage and defeat all the ghosts. Now, exit using the right door. This will lead you to the Shower Room.

Shower Room
In this room, go into each compartment and cut off the water supply using your vacuum. Once the steam has gone, you will have to face some more ghosts. After defeating them, go to the pool on the right. Here, you will fight the boss of 13F, Johnny Deepend.

It’s a bit tricky to defeat Johnny Deepend. The first thing you need to do is to recover a ball and wait for him to throw his own ball at you. When he does that, throw your projectile at him. This will make him dizzy; use this opportunity to send Gooigi through the gate on the left, and hide him behind the diving board.

Do this entire process two more times to get to the crank at the back. When you reach it, blow on it; this will get rid of all the water from the pool. Once that is done, join the boss and flash him after throwing some balls at him. Then suck him up and trap him.

After trapping Johnny Deepend, go through the door on the right and head back to the elevator to install the button. Here, the ghost cat will come back, so you will have to go after him.

Go to the Shower Room and open the basket. This will scare him away. Now, make your way to the Weight Room using the door to your left. Acquire a boxing glove from this room and throw it at the punching bag. After that, you will have to fight some ghosts, which were summoned by the cat.

Gym Lobby
After defeating all the ghosts in the Weight Room, go to the right to enter the Gym Lobby. Once here, go to the office and flash the cat above you. After it leaves, use the elevator to go back down to the 12th floor. Here, go across the tavern to reach the beach.

The Beach
Suck up the pile of sand to your right and flash the cat again to make him shapeshift. Scare him away again and then use the elevator again to get to the Twisted Suites on the 11th floor.

Twisted Suites
When you reach the 11th floor, go to the left and travel along the footprints; this will lead you to a room full of hats. In this room, find the cat by triggering a Burst close to the hat on the top left. Now, go with the cat to the Lounge.

The Lounge
Go up on stage and open the box using the suction cups. Now, you will have to face the cat for the last time. Once you capture him, you will earn your button.

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