Luigi’s Mansion 3 DJ Phantasmagloria Boss Guide

The Ghost of DJ Phantasmagloria is the boss ghost of Floor 14 in Luigi’s Mansion 3. You will face her off at the haunted Dance Floor at the end of the Dance Hall level. She will have Goober helpers along with her. The button will first be in control of the helpers and then the ghost herself. In this guide, we will show you how to defeat DJ Phantasmagloria and get the elevator button to the 15th floor from her!

Luigi’s Mansion 3 DJ Phantasmagloria

When you finally reach the haunted dance floor area after exploring the fourteenth floor, you will see the elevator button for Floor 15 on the dropped on the dance floor. When you will pick it up, DJ Phantasmagloria will arrive with her Soundsystem delivering sonic blasts.

You will lose the button which will then be picked up by her Goober ghost helpers. You will have to fight the helpers and then the boss in order to obtain the button.

First, you will have to defeat the Goober ghosts. All of them will be dressed in similar red tracksuits and one of them will have the elevator. Stomp( ZL+ZR ) the ghosts which will make them jump in the air and reveal the holder of the elevator button.

The ghosts will try to confuse you by throwing the button to one another. Don’t go too near to the dancing ghosts as they will run you over and hurt your health.

After you identify the button holder, go near him and stomp. Then use the Strobulb on the Goober to stun it and use the vacuum to eliminate it. Do this until all the goobers all eliminated.

The DJ ghost will then get hold of the elevator button and now you will have to defeat her to get hold of the button. She will perform spin attacks with her sharp flaming vinyl records. Use stomp on her three times to knock her back and then use the Strobulb on her.

This will cause her to start hiding within her afro. When this happens, her afro can be knocked off. Use stomp to knock the afro off and then use the Strobulb to stun her. Then use the Poltergust to perform slam attacks on her. She will start throwing the vinyl across the stage to attack you. But keep performing the stun and slam combo to defeat her.

And this is how you will get the elevator button to the fifteenth floor! Head to the elevator to fit the button and move onto the 15th floor!

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