Luigi’s Mansion 3 Dance Hall 14F Guide

This guide will focus on helping you collect all the gems and complete the 14F Dance Hall level in Luigi’s Mansion 3. The Dance Hall floor is also home to the boss DJ Phantasmagloria so we have some tips to help you defeat her as well.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Dance Hall

DJ Phantasmagloria is a boss on the 14th floor. You’ll encounter her when you arrive at the Dancing Hall. This Ghost DJ can be spotted easily as she likes to set the dance floor on fire. Head to the 14th floor and face ghosts in a corridor on your left. After defeating the ghosts, carry on towards your right and go upstairs. Simply climb on to the Dance floor and be ready to fight against the boss.

In the initial part of the fight, you’ll have to join the other dancers. In order to find which one of them has possession of the button; you’ll have to trigger a Burst near them. Flash at the target and retrieve the button.

In the next encounter, the DJ will enter and throw discs directly at you. Dodge the discs and wait for her to spin. When she’s done spinning, lift her wig by using a Burst and then flash her with your lamp. At last, drain her life by sucking her up. Continue doing this method until you win the fight.

White Gemstone
The White Gemstone is located in the boss room. Once you’ve defeated the Boss, make Luigi along with Gooigi stand on the tiles that are not lightened. This way you’ll enable a suction plug to appear. Now, by using the Super Suction to demolish the area behind, you can expose a secret room.

To make the stairs visible, flash at the green button by using your light. This is the part where you obtain the White gem, simply move to the left side and use the Strobulb. By doing so, a secret table along with a Gem Ghost will appear, receive the White gem by defeating the ghost. 

Red Gemstone
The Red Gemstone is located on the same disco room, simply go towards the right side of the disco room and make Luigi use the Poltergust on one of the records on either side, and send Gooigi to the other side. By following these steps, you’ll cause the disco ball to shake and eventually fall down, and a Red Gemstone will break free.

Blue Gemstone
Remember the secret room you revealed by using the Super Suction? you’ll find few Mannequins wearing wigs in that room. However, one specific Mannequin will be bald-headed. Use your Strobulb on that mannequin and a wig will appear on its head, suck the wig and the Blue Gem is revealed.

Green Gemstone
Head to the coat room, and suck up each coat hanging on the left side. You’ll find the Green Gem by raising the aisle and freeing the gem within it.

Purple Gemstone
Use your Poltergust near the elevator on the records situated on the left side. This way a brick will try to fall from the wall. Send Gooigi to use the vacuum burst and the Purple Gem will appear.

Yellow Gemstone
This one is quite tricky as you’ll have to light up each square in front of the elevator. After lighting all the squares, they will change their color to green. At this point you have to position Luigi and Gooigi on the squares that are not lightened. This way you’ll open a set of stairs going downwards, by going down stairs you’ll find the Yellow Gem inside of a vault.

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