Luigi’s Mansion 3 Chef Soulffle Boss Guide

All the floors in the hotel are themed based on different concepts which are not that common in this series. Each floor in Luigi’s Mansion 3 has its own boss that follows the theme fully but in this guide, we would be discussing the one you fight in the Kitchen, Chef Soulffle.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Chef Soulffle

There will be a haze of Black smoke escaping the doors of the Kitchen as you approach it and it will be difficult to get to the whole right side of the room cause of these smoke billows. Luigi will have to retreat in case he gets too close.

His one Poltergust is not sufficient enough to take care of all the smoke that is present there. So, there is a neat trick that you have to follow in order to suck up all the smoke there. For that, you have set Luigi up on suction mode by pressing ZR and leave him like that and switch to Gooigi and then use his Poltergust to suck up all the smoke there.

The smoke is there because of the Chef boss present there who is using his large cast iron pan to cook. He will use that pan for both defense and offense and he is very unhappy because of your interruption.

He will use that pan as a shield when you use your Strobulb to attack him and he will also swing it around to attack you and take your health. You will use the plunger to stick to his pan and then vacuum the rope to pull it out of his hands. You can also throw the vegetables present there to throw at him to make him drop the pan and once his pan is dropped you can defeat him easily.

When you defeat Chef Soulffle you will get the elevator button to the fourth Floor but your problems don’t end here. When you get that button it will be stolen by a rat immediately after. To get it back you will have to take some cheese and put it at some distance from the rat hole.

When the rat is enjoying the cheese hit him with a Strobulb after dashing towards him but this will only make a second rat steal it again. Then you will have to follow the rat through the hallway and then the entertainment room and then get him in the ladies room.

Please note that you will get him in the ladies room after the Hiders ambush you. This rat will be behind a cubicle door with a whole pile of rats.

This is all there is to know about defeating this boss. Visit our site for more boss fight guides. Have fun taking out the chef boss.

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