Luigi’s Mansion 3 Castle MacFright 6F Guide

When you reach the 6th floor – Castle MacFright,  in Luigi’s Mansion 3, you have to use Gooigi to vacuum all the stuff and then move through the bars in order to open the castle gate for you. The rest of this guide will focus on completing this 6F of Luigi’s Mansion and taking on the final boss.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Castle MacFright 6F

Entering the Castle, you are going to come across a lot of armor suits that you have to break in order to vacuum the items out of it. Then move out to the balcony and take the door on your left. Inside, you are going to face some ghosts that you have to defeat and then take the door, to the left, in the room.

Move down the stairs and then use Gooigi to pass through the spikes and reach the chest to vacuum all the items. Then go to the basement where you have to use Gooigi again to pull the rope so Luigi can pass safely and get out of the door. On the other side of the door, you are going to find some ghosts which are going to come simultaneously at you. You have to be very careful and defeat them.

Now open the barrels around you and in the middle one, you are going to find a gold key that you are going to need in order to get out of the door. At one point, Gooigi is going to pull a rope which is going to drop three chained balls. Upon pulling the right one, you are going to drop down.

There is a web that you will see on the ground of Castle MacFright, you have to burn by using the torch. You have to activate the green light in order to bring the fire inside the dragon’s mouth and then light up the torch with it. Burn down the web using the torch and move to the other side to pull the rope. A ladder will drop down which you have to climb to exit the room.

In the next room, you have to figure out a way to use the elevator in order to go down. Here, you are going to use Gooigi who will use his poltergust to bring up the elevator. Once Luigi is on the elevator, use Gooigi to move the fan in the opposite direction so that Luigi can go to the bottom.

You will be entering the room with the arrows. You will use Gooigi to move past the arrows and pull the rope so the wooden piece and block the arrows and Luigi can pass through easily. You have to reach a chest then, which is going to reveal a golden key to you. Go back to the elevator room and all the doors will be closed.

You will be fighting some ghosts before the bars are removed and you can use the key on the door to get out.

Once you reach the room with the cage, use Gooigi to pull the chain and then have Luigi walk inside the cage to get the key. Some ghosts are going to appear so you’ll have to use Gooigi to capture the ghosts and pull the chain again to get out of the cage. Use the key to open the door.

You are going to enter another room where you will have to move towards a camera and pull on the rope in order to reveal a fan. Keep the fan moving until the right bridge can no longer move and the left bridge joins the right bridge. While you are crossing the bridge, there are going to be some swinging axes that are going to be blocking your way. Carefully avoid them and cross the bridge.

You are going to be coming face to face with Knight MacFright boss. You just have to understand the pattern of his attacks. He is going to try to loop around you and will try to attack you. Every time that he does this, his head comes out of his armor. This is the time where you flash him with the Strobulb. The light makes him hide inside his armor. When he does this, go to him and use the suction to slam him on the ground.

There are going to be some arrows that are going to fire out of the back of the wall. You have to be careful and avoid them. Repeat this three-time and you are going to come face to face with Knight MacFright.

Knight MacFright runs and spins towards you and keeps doing it. You have to avoid this and wait until he stops. His shield sticks in the ground for a moment and this is the time where you stun him with the Stobulb and vacuum him. You have to continue doing this until you suck him inside the vacuum.

You have to move to the front gate and have Gooigi pull open the gate and then walk to the elevator. Now, you take your ride to the seventh floor.

There are also 6 gems located throughout Castle MacFright and below are all their locations

Gem #1
When you are at the exit, you are going to find two armor suits. The second one has the gem which you have to suck.

Gem #2
Once you reach the pathway with the knights in armor, shine you Dark Light on the pathway to reveal another set of knight armor. Using the suction shot to slam and reveal the gem.

Gem #3
In the area of the spikes, you are going to find barrels. You have to open the barrel on the right and enter inside. Climb the ladder and at the top, you are going to find the gem.

Gem #4
There are some suspicious bricks beside the banner on which you have to shine your light to reveal a door. Inside the door, there is a stash where the gem is hidden.

Gem #5
There is a wall of bricks that are going to be standing out. Use your suction shot to lift the wall and inside you are going to find the treasure chest with the gem in it.

Gem #6
There will be a cage that is going to be lowered when you are going to blow on the fan from the left side. Gooigi is going to retrieve the gem by entering the cage