Luigi’s Mansion 3 Boos Locations Guide

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is filled with hidden collectibles behind every vase and corner. One type of these Luigi’s Mansion 3 collectibles are hidden Boos, and these can be found on every floor of the Last Resort Hotel. We’ve managed to locate all the Boos in the game and this guide will help you do the same.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Boos Locations

These ghosts, Boos, are hiding inside containers on each floor in the game. If you start to get near one, your controller will inform you by vibrating faster and faster. You need to pay attention to this and open the right container, or else the Boo will unleash a group of bats on Luigi.

After picking the right container, you have to fight the Boo that comes out of it. Fortunately, you have some new ghost hunting tools that will help you out during this battle. The Dark-Light Device reveals where the Boo is at the moment you use it and focusing it will cause the Boo to take on a physical form.

You can use the Poltergust to grab the Boo’s tongue when it is staggered and then cause some pain. Just do this twice to capture the Boo and you’re done. Every one of these encounters works the same way so don’t worry too much.

These are the locations of the Boos on every floor:

B2 – Waterworks
Go to the Waterworks and interact with the Valve to make the hidden Boo pop out. Proceed to the main Tank room to find hidden Boo in the bridge.

B1 – Basement
Go to the basement level laundry room and you’ll find the Hidden Boo by the washing machines.

1F – Grand Lobby
Walk towards the screen and then interact with the gargoyle on the right side of the screen. This will bring out the Boo so go get it from the vase that is to the left of where you started.

2F – Mezzanine
Enter the girl’s bathroom and open the stall on the far left to find the Boo.

3F – Hotel Shops
This one is kind of complicated but we’ll list it step by step:

Head to the men’s restroom and interact with the right-hand toilet. A phone will be ringing outside so go answer it. Proceed to the jail cell where you fight with the guard and interact with an object there.  Once all this is done, double back to the restroom and interact with the sink. Finally, bring out the Boo by heading back outside and interacting with a vase on the left.

4F – The Great Stage
Head to the restroom, and destroy the toolbox to bring out the Boo.

5F – RIP Suites
This is pretty straightforward. Open the drawers in room 504 until the Boo comes out.

6F – Castle MacFrights
Go to the Coliseum Balcony and smash a suit of armor over there. Then proceed downstairs via the door to your left and destroy the statue on the other end of the spikes.

7F – Garden Suites
There is a watermelon in the Ivy Bathroom. Suck and smash it to release the Boo. After this, head to the Thorny Bathroom and get the Boo by destroying a vase.

8F – Paranormal Productions
Destroy the crate in the bottom right corner of Studio 1 to bring forth the Boo.

9F – Unnatural History Museum
Head to the location of the Dinosaur boss fight and interact with one of the paintings that is in the top right.

10F – Tomb Suites
Destroy a vase in the Scale Chamber to get the Boo to come out.

11F – Twisted Suites
Enter the false bedroom and interact with the desk on the left to bring out the hidden Boo.

12F – The Spectral Catch
Destroy the barrels in the Grotto Lounge to make the Boo pop out in the starting area.

13F – Fitness Center
Head to the Yoga room and destroy the baskets there to get the Boo to pop out. Follow it to the pool area and use Gooigi to get past the gate.

14F – The Dance Hall
This last Hidden Boo, is in the Gift Shop area that is to the right of the elevator. Use the cash register to bring it forward.

It’s hard work finding all of the Hidden Boos in Luigi’s Mansion 3, and the reward isn’t that great to be honest. Once you’ve collected them all, head to the Lab and into the Gallery section. Here, you can equip a new flashlight, that shows a boo when you shine it on walls.

Once you collect all of the Hidden Boos, you unlock the Flashlight type-B. This lets you project an image of a Boo wherever you want. This isn’t particularly useful but it’s neat little thing to have anyway. Besides, collecting the Boos is pretty easy so there’s no harm in going for it.

That’s pretty much all you need to know about finding Hidden Boos in the game. Check out our other guides if you found this one useful!