Luigi’s Mansion 3 Boilerworks B2 Guide

If you want to clear Luigi's Mansion 3 biolerworks level, we have this guide for you.

We have designed this guide to cover all the tips and tricks to complete Luigi’s Mansion 3 Boilerworks level. You will get to this B2 level which is essentially a basement of the mansion with all the ducts and pipes and waterworks. Here, we have a step by step guide for you to navigate through the whole level. Keep in mind that Boilerworks will require both Gooigi and Luigi equally and also you will have to get very good at navigating the waters and riding a floating duck while doing that be very cautious as one wrong move can get you a game over.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Boilerworks

The following are the objectives of the level and then a step by step explanation on how to complete each objective.

  • Explore the Boilerworks
  • Sewer Puzzles
  • Catch and Defeat the Mechanic Ghost
  • Recover the Button
  • Install the Button in the Elevator

Enter the boilerworks floor and start exploring around. When you go to the right side of the area you will immediately face a purple ghost there. That ghost will talk to you and then open a water valve to startle you and then run away.

After the dialogue ends just go to the boiler pipe and interact with it to get the Gooigi inside and fetch the key from the other side of the pipe. That key will unlock the door to the next room. These are all the puzzles for you to get to that ghost.

Sewer Puzzles
After entering the next room you will see a couple of ghosts and as you interact with them, you will see that the door behind you will get locked, now a flurry of ghosts will come and you will have to defeat all of them and catch the baby ghosts as well. The door will be unlocked again after that, go ahead and you will find another locked gate.

Now you will have to send Gooigi underground to open that gate. Here you will have to work seamlessly as Luigi and Gooigi, first get Gooigi to the underground and in front of water piper as water will be flowing from them. Now get back to Luigi and close the water nozzles by blowing air on the levers on the upside. Do that until Gooigi reaches the circuit of the door and open it.


Go to the next room and you will see a big pond of water, go upstairs by interacting with the machine and getting it to the right side. When you go upstairs you will see the ghost again, he will raise the water level below and you and throw you into it. You will get out of it with the help of a ghost pet, pat the pet and it will follow you and help you out.

Now go to the controls room, for that go ahead and you will find yourself into the sewers, from there you will ride a floating duck and with the help of Gooigi helping you out with the places where you can’t go, Gooigi will open all the gates by pulling the levers by traveling through the sewer pipes. You will go through the sewer stream but be very careful of the water bombs, they can throw away all your progress in a moment.

When you see a water bomb, go towards it and when it’s triggered just get away from it before it blows. When you get inside the control room you will face another ghost, it will disappear and appear many times and you will have to defeat it as well.

After defeating it you need to turn all three levers to the right and get Gooigi to the big red button and pull it. This will lower the water level from everywhere that the ghost has raised.

After getting all the water to its original level, walk back to the main room from the same path you came from with the floating duck. Now again get upstairs and interact with that giant gate through which the mechanic ghost disappeared. Inside you will see a huge room with the ghost sleeping. And at the end of all the animation, you will have to eventually fight the ghost.

We recommend you to throw Gooigi on the ground so that when Clem is on ground Gooigi can attack it. Keep an eye on the water bombs that ghost will throw in the water and when you startle the ghost it will come on the ground where Gooigi will attack it.

Keep repeating this tactic until the ghost is defeated, this will give you one heart. Then get the ground and pull the lever to get the water out then get down the stairs to get the elevator button.

Now after recovering the elevator button from Clem get back to the elevator and install the button into it to get to the next level.

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