Luigi’s Mansion 3 Amadeus Wolfgeist ‘Pianist’ Boss Guide

A multi-faceted fight awaits you when you climb further into Luigi’s Mansion 3. But there’s no time to gawk, you need to take down the Ghost of the Great Stage, and with the aid of this guide, the chances of you failing are close to nil. The ghost in question is Amadeus Wolfgeist, the ghost of a pianist who now spends his days playing the piano in the auditorium in Luigi’s Mansion 3. This battle is the first multi-phase boss battle, and is arguably the first true test of skill for any new player.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Pianist

In the first phase, Amadeus will be ambivalent towards Luigi’s presence. He’ll continue performing his solo concerto while trying to rid himself of you. All the seats, in groups, will rise out of the ground and fall towards Luigi. Dodge and try to keep yourself from getting hurt. Once all the chairs are gone, Amadeus’ attention will finally divert to us.

He begins playing a different tune as a strange-looking set of ballerinas tip-toe their way out from behind the curtains. These strange creatures are wearing masks that ensures that they cannot be blinded by Luigi’s Strobelight. However, it is possible to get the mast off – stomp the mask off or you can slam one ballerina into the other, effectively making them vulnerable.

Each ballerina has exactly 100 HP. Make sure not to get hit, but get rid of their masks. Use the vacuum to suck up the ballerina and wham it into the ground as you usually would do. After besting the first 2 ballerinas, you’ll be meeting with several more; take them out as you did the previous two.

Doing all of the above will infuriate Amadeus, and in his vigorous anger, he will possess his beloved piano and go on a rampage! Getting hit by the piano will most certainly spell doom. His primary attack will be attempting to jump on you and crush you. On every 3rd landing, the piano will generate a shockwave that will cover the area; jump over the shockwave. Be VERY mindful of where you are in conjunction with Amadeus.

Eventually, Amadeus, still a piano, will jump onto the safe. When he does that, he feels something shift inside him. There will be several bombs, some of which will be blinking red. Those will blow almost immediately after being picked up. Go for the bombs that do not blink red and hurl them towards the piano.

Once it’s in position, use the Suction Shot to keep the piano closed tight. There will be a thin rope coming out from where you fired the Suction Shot. Use your vacuum to pull the rope and slam it smack dab in the center of the auditorium.

Now Amadeus is livid, he’s out of his piano and is looking for blood. With 450 HP, you would think he would put up a better fight. To be Amadeus, simply use your vacuum to babysit many characters and take care of each and every one of them.

He’ll return to his piano eventually, and you’ll have to dodge the moves I mentioned earlier. He’ll eventually start doing a move in which he fires the various pianos keys at several directions. Avoid them and wait for your opportunity to strike, i.e. when he’s back on the stage and dropping names.

That’s all there is to Amadeus Wolfgeist!