Ludens, Kojima Productions Mascot, Gets A Statue

The official mascot of Kojima Productions, Ludens, has gotten an official statue now according to Hideo Kojima’s Twitter profile. Though the statue is still in the prototype phase, it can already light up, showing the famous skull helmet faceplate that Ludens was first seen with.

Kojima Productions was already on many people’s radars simply because Kojima himself was heading it after his departure from Konami became final. It then skyrocketed to the top of a lot of people’s watchlists after Kojima made a surprise appearance at the Playstation E3 conference, showing off the first trailer for his and Kojima Productions’s upcoming game Death Stranding, starring Norman Reedus.

Ludens himself was unveiled a few months ago as part of a piece of artwork, later revealed to just be a man in an astronaut suit, though it still looks really cool.

There’s no real news yet over whether the Ludens statue will be a piece of merchandise for Kojima Productions to sell to fans or whether it’s just a thing for posterity, but considering the amount of attention it got from Kojima on his Twitter account, he’s pretty excited about it even if it’s just in the prototype phase.

The pictures also show that the Ludens statue has a little flag it can hold with the Kojima Productions emblem on it.

There are actually multiple different versions of the Ludens statue as well, featuring everything from a 1/12 scale statuette to a 1/6 size action figure, and even little Nendoroid versions, all of which look very good.

Considering how many people sided with Kojima and eagerly awaited to see if he would be making a new version of Silent Hills, Death Stranding is likely to be one of the more popular games of whatever year it comes out. In the meantime we’ll have to wait until Kojima lets out any other news about Death Stranding to see anything else from Kojima Productions.

If you want to look at the various Ludens statues yourself, you can head to Hideo Kojima’s official Twitter page.