Lost Planet 3 Untagged Akrids Locations Guide – Where To Find

In the Test the DNA Tagger mission you receive a special kind of ammunition from Doctor Roman. This ammunition allows you to tag various monsters and have them be added to your bestiary. The ammunition only works for the pistol but is available at any time.

For this job you need to tag all the Akrid in the game that have not been tagged already. To use the special marking ammunition, fire at the beast once to tag them. Then as they move around, keep the cross-hairs on them for a specific amount of time.

Before long, the Akrid’s record will be added to the bestiary.

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Lost Planet 3 Untagged Akrid Locations

Akrid #1 – Akrid Egg
Location. Found first in Shackleton’s Peak, this Akrid will be tagged at part of the Test the DNA Tagger Mission. Impossible to miss.

Akrid #2 – Tarkaa
Location. First found in the Abandoned Base, These are very common and hard to miss.

Akrid #3 – Ermmlid
Location. First found in the Camp of the Forgotten. These are found in conjunction with a Sieragz.

Akrid #4 – Sepia
Location. Another very common foe, Sepia are first found on Shackleton’s Peak.

Akrid #5 – Bolsepia
Location. Another very common foe, Bolsepia are first found on Shackleton’s Peak.

Akrid #6 – Genessa
Location. You run into many of these, but you can find several in Marshall’s Gorge during the Find a Thermal Pocket mission.

Akrid #7 – Male Wardeye
Location. Found in the Security Installation, you’ll come across several during the mission where you try to find the armory.

Akrid #8 – Female Wardeye
Location. First seen in the Power Plant. As you’re trying to escape, the first Wardeye you see will be a female.

Akrid #9 – Enbee
Location. Found first in Shackleton’s Peak, you come across a Genessa that spawns them in the fourth station of the Restore Tram System Mission.

Akrid #10 – Goonroe
Location. You’ll first come across these in Bailey’s Crossing, during the Find the Thermal Pocket mission.

Akrid #11 – Suwankaa
Location. You’ll find one of these during the Conduct Research for Roman mission when you’re defending the drilling platform.

Akrid #12 – Dongo
Location. You come across these as you pass through the plains of Bishop’s Wake.

Akrid #13 – Vorgg
Location. During the Find a Thermal Pocket mission in Marshall’s Gorge you will come across one of these.

Akrid #14 – Gorevorgg
Location. In Bailey’s Crossing, you find this only during the Kill King Crab mission.

Akrid #15 – Sieragz
Location. This boss fight occurs during the Meet with Soichi mission in the Camp of the Forgotten.

Akrid #16 – Tangaant
Location. Find this one in the tower on the island in the lava in Pickett’s Folly.

Akrid #17 – Hiveen
Location. You can either tag this beast in the Weather Station, or you can download the information from a computer at the power plant.

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