Lost Planet 3 T-Posts Locations Guide – Where To Plant

If you’ve done the Upgrade Time Mission, then you’ll know that Gale has installed a new device called a T-ENG Detector. This device emits a beeping sound whenever you are near a Thermal energy pocket and if you successfully find one, you can deploy a Thermal Post on it to extract the energy.

You get 2000 T-Energy whenever you deploy a post, plus a bonus of 3000 when they are all planted. You also get another 2500 T-Energy whenever you empty a post. There are a total of 6 Posts to deploy on E.D.N III.

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Lost Planet 3 T-Post Locations

Keep in mind that you only need to plant the posts in order to get an achievement, there’s no need to empty them unless you need the T-Energy or don’t want to leave the job unfinished.

T-Post #1White Canyon Junction: Diaz Cavern
Location. You’ll find a T-Post already planted at this location by Diaz, and you’ll be required to empty it during the Empty a T-Energy Post Mission. As such it’s pretty difficult to miss this one. However, you may need to empty out this T-Post later on as well.

T-Post #2Bailey’s Crossing: North Plains Clearing
Location. Head to the exit of the south tunnel in Bailey’s Crossing. Proceed down the path and eventually you come to a clearing where there is a T-Post in the back of the area.

T-Post #3Bishop’s Wake: Shumate Bend
Location. Follow Bishop’s Wake cave as normal until you find a Winch icon. Get to a ledge using this Winch. There will be many enemies in the area you come out in as well as a T-Post in the middle. You’ll need the Winch for this.

T-Post #4Shackleton’s Peak
Location. You can find a pipe at the base of Shackleton’s Peak. Here you should exit your rig and grapple hook to the right, to a platform. Now use a zipline to access a cave. There is a T-Post at the back of this cave but be wary of the numerous Akrid Eggs. You’ll need the Zip-Line attachment for this one.

T-Post #5Pickett’s Folly
Location. In this area, you need to head on up the slope to the Killing Fields. On the way you find a small cave on the left that you can get to by using the grappling hook. Again, you can find the T-Post near the back but there will be resistance in the form of Akrids. You’ll need the Magnetic Grappling Hook for this one.

T-Post #6The Killing Fields
Location. Go south from the Camp of the Forgotten and head down the left path. You will reach an area where there is a platform to the east. Get on it and use the Winch to reach an Island to the east. The T-Post is to the south. You’ll need the Extended Winch for this one.

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