Lost Planet 3 Mementos Locations Guide – Unlock Enhanced Vitality Upgrade

Lost Planet 3
When you do the Talk to Soichi Mission, he will mention some things about the First Colonists. He will also ask you to search for and find four of them and retrieve a Memento from each of them.

To retrieve the memento you will need to use the Magnetic Grappling Hook. Once you have all four of them you can return to the leader of the Forgotten and Soichi will reward you with the Enhanced Vitality Player Upgrade.

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Lost Planet 3 Mementos Locations

Memento #1Colonel Mason Pickett
Location. This Memento is found in the main area of Pickett’s Folly. You need to find a way to reach the island that’s in the middle of the lava. As you head up the tower, keep a lookout to the upper right for a Mag-Grappling hook point. This thing will take you to a small ledge. Off the left side you’ll find this Memento.

Memento #2Silvia Herrera
Location. This Memento can be found in the Security Installation area of Pickett’s Folly. Head to the back-right corner of the main room of the facility and look above the room on the right. You should spot a point you can grapple to. When you enter this new room you’ll find the Memento near a woman’s corpse.

Memento #3Juro Katsuragi
Location. This Memento can be found in Marshall’s Gorge. Reach a ledge to the southeast of Marshall’s Gorge by using the winch, then rappel into the hole below. Use the grapple to reach a ledge and follow the path.

Keep a look out on the left for a Magnetic Grapple hook point and use it. Proceed down the new path you discover and you’ll eventually come to a storage room where you can find this near a corpse.

Memento #4Lagan Cherupara
Location. This Memento can be found in the Power Plant area of Marshall’s Gorge. Enter the Plant using the garage and grapple up onto the walkway in the courtyard. Get to the other corner of the walkway.

Look up and right to see a Magnetic Grappling Hook point through a hole in the wall, use it. Now in this new room, rappel down through a hole in the floor and you’ll find the Memento on a crate.

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