Lost Planet 3 Bestiary Unlock Guide – Where To Find

Lost Planet 3
The monsters and creatures that populate the frigid planet of E.D.N. III are known commonly as Akrid. While most of them are unarmored, and therefore easy to take out with the weapons you have at your disposal, some of them are protected by hard shells and can only be hurt when they are struck on a particular point.

Therefore, we have decided to compile this guide on the many of the types of Akrid that you will face as you journey through the game. We’ve also included some strategies you can keep in mind when fighting these enemies.

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Lost Planet 3 Bestiary

Akrid Eggs – Unarmored
These little things can’t really move or hurt you if you don’t right up to them. The eggs are found in clusters and they explode violently to harm you, but are easily popped with a single bullet from a distance.

In fact, you can probably destroy entire clusters with one shot, as any can easily set off a chain of explosions.

Ermmlid – Unarmored
You usually find these alongside Sieragz. They use a sort of dive-bomb attack to damage you that can’t be stopped with a shotgun. They can also hurt you in your rig by draining power from it. You can clear them off using the Taser upgrade if they do so.

Tarkaa – Unarmored
These guys are not very durable but their speed and agility makes up for it pretty easily. A shotgun will be your best friend as you can blast these little pests back when they use their jumping bite attack on you.

Sepia – Unarmored
These guys are weak but numerous. Most of their attacks involve them simply jumping at you. Use a machine gun and you can carve swathes in their numbers. Genessas spawn them, so you’ll want to take those out before attempting to deal with the little guys.

Bolsepia – Unarmored
Basically an upgraded version of the Sepia species of Akrid. These guys are different from the original because of their ranged mortar attack. The attack is pretty easy to avoid however, either by shooting the projectile mid-flight or by simply moving.
They can actually hurt the rig pretty badly in large numbers to make sure to take them out quickly.

Genessa – Unarmored
These guys can be a pain to deal with and waste a lot of your ammo if you don’t know the trick to taking them out. They can’t actually attack you but their main threat is in the fact that they spawn Sepia, Bolsepia and Enbees to attack you.

To kill one, throw a grenade inside when it opens up.

Male Wardeye – Unarmored
Compared to the female wardeye, the males tend to be sneakier and more agile, with melee attacks. They will try to flank you and grab you from behind so you can’t move. Remember to use a shotgun or an assault rifle to take these down. They’re fast so using a single shot weapon will be difficult. If you do get grabbed by one, repeatedly press the cover button to break free.

Female Wardeye – Unarmored
The Female Wardeyes use mostly ranged attacks to attract your attention while the males flank you. They’re not too fast, so use weapons that are better from long range and fight them from behind cover like in a firefight.

Be attentive of your surroundings though.

Enbee – Unarmored
Agile, flying enemies, Enbees have a nasty stab attack when up close and from range they will throw poison at you. They also spawn from Genessas, so make sure to destroy those first, lest you get overwhelmed.

Goonroe – Unarmored
You will find these beasts hunting in packs. While they are not armored, it would be wise to note that their mouths and the tips of their tails are especially sensitive to damage. They’re very nimble and will use many jumping attacks to try and get a hold of you.

Suwankaa – Unarmored
A very powerful alpha version of the regular Goonroe. It’s really tough and attacks you with powerful swipes. While you can damage it anywhere, just like a normal goonroe the tip of the tail and the mouth are very weak.

Dongo – Armored
These have powerful swipe attacks and a hard shell that will laugh at your puny attacks. Watch out when it curls up through, because it’s preparing a charge attack to bowl you over.

Dodge the attack, then when the Akrid is stunned from hitting a wall or something target the tip of its red, glowing tail. Their easier to deal with in a rig as you can just pick it up and mess around with it.

Vorgg – Armored
This beast looks intimidating, but in actuality he has quite a few weak points. Target the Elbows, inside of the mouths and the back, which is hidden under the crystals on his back. You’ll have to destroy the ice first with a lot of gunfire but once it’s gone you can.

Gorevorgg – Armored
A different version of the Vorgg, arguably tougher as it only has the one weak spot on its underbelly. The only place you find it is in Baileys Crossing. When you’re fighting it use the utility rig to raise his pincers high to expose its weak point. Then you must exit the rig and unload with everything you have into the belly.

It will eventually break free so be quick about getting back into the rig.

Tangaant – Armored
This Akrid is really fast and has some very dangerous attacks that you need to watch out for. Its tail is the really dangerous item you need to watch for. It can either try to stab you with it or shoot acid from the tip.

If you can dodge to the stab the stinger will become traped in the ground, giving you time to damage the weak point on the tail. After a while the tail falls off and you can target its brain, which is where the tail was.

Sieragz – Armored
The Sieragz has a little partner you may have read about a few pages back called the Ermmlids. There are little nests on the armored plates on the sides of the beasts that spew the critters. When they evacuate the nests you can target their homes to damage the Sieragz itself.

Another weak area is a fleshy area in between the plates, that becomes exposed when the Akrid bellows. If you have the rig, use the Winch and Claw to pull it down and leave its weaknesses exposed.

Hiveen – Armored
This Akrid has a tongue strike that can be difficult to dodge and does respectable damage. You’ll fight it over 4 stages and you’ll discover that it’s weapon is also it’s weakness. You need to attack the tongue.

To a lesser extent, you can also assault the torso using electrical attacks. Wear it down so you can hit the brain cores, which are the points with do the most damage.

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