Lost Planet 3 Rare Albino Tarkaa Locations Guide – How To Tag

There are many optional missions that the player can partake in while playing Lost Planet 3. One of these involve the tagging of a total of 10 rare Albino Tarkaas.

You need to use a pistol with DNA-trigger ammunition and shoot each of these 10 special animals.

The mission becomes available during the Meet Mira Outside the Camp mission in the Camp of the Forgotten area. Find and talk to the Ethologist that’s near the front gate. He’ll give you this mission.

He’ll even add their mating call to your wrist computer so they’ll presumably try to catch and hump you. The Albino Tarkaa Hunt will be added to the Collectibles tab of your job.

Still, since Jim Peyton happens to be exceedingly ugly (by Tarkaa standards), we’ve decided to compile this guide so you can stalk them Albino Tarkaas and force them to love you.

Lost Planet 3 Rare Albino Tarkaas Locations

Albino Tarkaas #1Coronis
Location. Head out through the hangar blast doors and get out of your rig. On foot, go to the west. As you wander near the mountainside, you’ll hear the sounds of the beast.

Head on along the path until you find Crazy Neil’s Hidden den. Stand right in front of the large door here and look up the cliff on the north-west. You should spot the Akrid.

Albino Tarkaas #2Marshall’s Gorge
Location. Get to the south-east ledge of Marshall”s Gorge using a winch and drop down to the ground below. Enter the garage there and go through the second door.

You’ll find the Akrid hanging high above to the right.

Albino Tarkaas #3White Canyon Junction: Diaz Cavern
Location. On the southeastern side of the White Canyon Junction, you’ll find a cave. Head inside and go down to the open cavern. Genessas will spawn some enemies here and you need to focus on the one on the east wall.

Now look above and to the left of the Genessas to see the Akrid.

Albino Tarkaa #4The Killing Fields
Location. In this area, use the winch and head on into the cave to the northwest. Go to the back and use the grappling hook to access the overhead walkway.

Jump off the north side and head up the stairs to the left. Now you should spot the Tarkaa on the ceiling.

Albino Tarkaa #5Pickett’s Folly: Security Installation
Location. When you are given the Access Base Armory mission in this area, proceed as normal until you get to the armory. Get to the back corner of the room, and peek inside the vent next to the Keep Clear sign. You should spot the Akrid.

Albino Tarkaa #6Bailey’s Crossing
Location. When you’re on foot in Bailey’s Crossing, look for a metal walkway that’s northeast of the south entrance of the area. Go up onto the walkway and search for a Grapple hook point you can latch onto.

This will lead you to a control room where you can rappel into a deep hole to the northwest. Get on the platform here and go through the eastern doorway. You’ll find the Tarkaa on the side of the pump jack ahead.

Albino Tarkaa #7Bishop’s Wake
Location. This one is slightly easier than the others. On the southeastern side of Bishop’s Wake look for an opening in the rock. Head on down using the rappel kit and head west to find this beast on the far wall.

Albino Tarkaa #8Pickett’s Folly
Location. For this one you need to get to the tower on the island in the lava. As you go up the tower you should hear the Tarkaa call out. Slide across the zipline to the northern island and turn around to see the Akrid on top of the tower.

Albino Tarkaa #9Marshall’s Gorge: Power Station
Location. Get to the power plant in Marshall’s Gorge and go around to the courtyard. Use the grapple tool to ascend to the walkway, then the next floor around the corner.

Get to the far left wall and turn in the direction of the courtyard. Step up to the railing and look down to see the beast.

Albino Tarkaa #10Shackleton’s Peak
Location. Dock the rig at the tram station and head through the first station out to the other side. Enter the cave on the left and go through to the large cavern.

Grapple up the cliff on the left and eventually as you ascend, you will spot a cave on the left in which you can see an Albino Tarkaa.

If you find something confusing, comment and we will help you out!

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