How to Play Lost Planet 2 on Hamachi Tunngle

Lost Planet 2 can be played on local network tools like Hamachi and Tunngle. Here is how.

Lost Planet 2 is a third-person shooter, action-adventure game, developed and published by Capcom. This visually beauty is a sequel to the Lost Planet:Extreme Conditioning, the game which burned my GPU, and also one of the resource-hungry games of its time.

Anyway, the story is set 10 years after the events of the original game on the same fictional planet, but this time you will be able to see green side of the planet. Yeah! finally, and the game also features System Link/LAN support.

So, if you are up for a friendly meet up, and want to play the game online, you can use Hamachi or Tunngle, guide on how to setup them up is right below this line.

You need TeknoGods Beta 18 for Lost Planet 2 to work with virtual private network adapters like Hamachi and Tunngle.

Port Forwarding

If you are to use Tunngle, make sure you have UDP 11155 and TCP 11443 ports forwarded.

If you are to use Hamachi, make sure you have UDP 17771 and TCP 12975 and TCP 32976 ports forwarded.


Lost Planet 2 Hamachi Tunngle Guide

Step 1
First, delete teknogods.dll entry from App_Init_dlls, needed if you had previous version of TeknoGods beta, otherwise skip to next step.

Step 2
Run Lost Planet 2.

Step 3
If you are the one hosting, launch Lost Planet 2 and host the game. Host does not need to do anything else, not even use the “DLL loader”.

Step 4
Those who want to connect to a hosted game need to minimize their game by pressing “Alt+Tab” key and start the TeknoGods loader(DLLLoad) file in archive you downloaded earlier.

You can also use TeknoHelper to setup everything automatically, it is included in the archive.

How to Setup Everything With TeknoHelper
Execute the teknohelper.exe and you will see that the program has 4 checks in place. Get VPN/Get All filter, click the button and it will check for all the VPN software, you have installed.

Once it has found any VPN, it will be displayed in the window above. Select Tunngle/Hamachi,VPN of your choice and click “Set Adapter Key” that is if you are haven’t had previous version of TeknoGods Beta installed.

If you had previous version of teknogods beta installed on your computer, click “Clear Registry Key” first for your selected VPN software, once it has deleted teknogods.dll entry from App_Init_dlls, click “Set Adapter Key”.

Once the registry key is set, you will see a green tick underneath second check. Now click “re(Start) Loader” to execute DLLLoad.exe, it will ask you to launch the game in 30 seconds, so go ahead and do so. Once all the four checks have green tick underneath, you have set up everything correctly.

Check Your Setup
Start the game. Press the ‘Home’ key. Then click settings, then Network Information. Next to Network Adapter it should say ‘Hamachi/Tunngle (registry override)’. Next to ‘Local IP Address’ it should show your Hamachi/Tunngle IP.

If everything is setup correctly, you are ready to play.

Step 5
Navigate to Online>System Link>and Search for a game. When you have found the game, press F12 (for ping override) and you will hear “working”, join the game. Once you are in lobby, press F12 second time and you’ll hear “transfer complete”, you are in game, rock on.

1. Press F12 before joining the game session.
2. Press F12 after host starts the game while loading process.

Important Notes

  • Make sure that Hamachi is at the top of priority list in your network connections.
  • Obviously, both the host and the other players should be in the same network or room using Hamachi or Tunngle respectively.
  • Your firewall should not block either your VPN (Hamachi or Tunngle) or the game.

If you face any other problem, let us know and we will try to help you out.

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