Lost Ark Tytalos Guardian Raid Guide

This guide will walk you through the Tytalos Guardian Raid in Lost Ark and explain all of the raid mechanics in detail.

Guardian Raids are a great way to learn new game mechanics and level up at the same time in Lost Ark. Some bosses are tougher than others, mainly because of a certain mechanic. This guide will walk you through the Tytalos Guardian Raid in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Tytalos Guardian Raid Mechanics

Tytalos is the final boss you will face at the 2nd level of guardian raids. This boss is certainly one of the trickier ones to defeat, and you will need to be at item level 580 to take on this monster.

You can carry out the raid with or without a team, but remember that soloing will take plenty of time and can be tricky.

To carry out the raid successfully, you will need to understand the mechanics of this raid and learn the attack patterns if you want to succeed.

Therefore, we will be discussing all the attacks and mechanics of the Tytalos Guardian Raid.

Standard Attacks

Aside from specific attacks, most of the Tytalos’s attacks are standard slashes, punches, and charging into the enemy. These attacks can easily be predicted and avoided.


Tytalos can summon several sandstorms that will slowly follow you until they vanish. If you get inside one of these storms, you will be inflicted with a stackable debuff.

This debuff will slow you down, and if you triple stack the debuff, you will become petrified, which will render you motionless for the next 5 seconds and make you immune to every kind of damage.

Once you get petrified, you will be immune to this stackable debuff for the next 30 seconds.


Tytalos will stand on its hind legs and stomp its front legs on the ground sending shockwaves in an AoE around it. These shockwaves will cause an earthquake, and getting hit will inflict damage.

You can quickly get behind Tytalos when it stands on its hind legs to avoid this attack.

Sand Breath

For this attack, Tytalos will suck in sand from the surroundings and blow out a beam of sand in any singular direction, which can be avoided by simply moving away.

While Tytalos is sucking the sand in, it will not do any damage, and he will remain still during this attack.

Silence Rings

Tytalos can summons rings from above that will fall on the ground and silence the player for a total of 5 seconds upon contact.

There will be a marker on the ground where the ring is about to fall, so it’s best to avoid it.

Wipe Mechanic

This attack is the main reason why Tytalos is so hard to defeat. This one-shot mechanic can be very tricky to dodge without proper knowledge. So, Tytalos will stand still for this attack and begin charging the attack. During this time, he will glow.

Upon charging, he will send out a roar in all directions, instantly killing you if you get hit. This mechanic seems to be near impossible to avoid, but there are several ways by which it can be avoided.

You can dodge this attack by running to the other side of the arena as soon as Tytalos starts charging. However, this is time taking, and in most cases, by the time you come back, Tytalos will be again ready to launch this attack.

The second and the more efficient way to avoid this is by using Sandstorms. As soon as he starts charging, run to the nearest sandstorm and stack up the debuff to be invincible against this attack.

You will have to time the debuff perfectly to live. If you mess up the timing or the debuff is too early or too late, you will die instantly.

Tips For Tytalos Guardian Raid In Lost Ark

Following are the recommended items to take with you for the Tytalos Guardian Raid

  • Health Potions
  • Flares
  • Panacea Potion
  • Whirlwind Grenades

Tytalos moves around a lot during the fight, so flares are a must to quickly located the monster. Whirlwind Grenades are a great way to stagger this beast while giving you enough breathing room to take a step back and regroup.

During the heat of the moment, it can be tricky to time the stackable debuff to be safe from the Wipe Mechanic.

However, since you are immune to being petrified for the next 30 seconds of getting it, you can use the panacea potion to cleanse the effect and stack the debuff instantly.

It is recommended to keep part of the debuff stacked beforehand because it can sometimes take time to triple stack, and before you know it, you are dead.

The earthquake is a good way to predict the incoming wipe mechanic. Tytalos usually launches the wipe mechanic 2-3 attacks after the earthquake. Therefore, it’s best to stay near a sandstorm during the third attack.

Tytalos is weak against fire attacks, so it is recommended to add fire attacks to your arsenal to make the fight easier.

Following are the possible rewards for completing the Tytalos Guardian Raid

  • Splendid Vanguard Necklace
  • Splendid Vanguard Earrings
  • Splendid Watcher Earrings
  • Splendid Vanguard Ring
  • Splendid Watcher Ring
  • Destruction Stone Fragments
  • Guardian Stone Fragments
  • Harmony Leapstone
  • Legendary Ability Stone
  • Tytalos Card
  • Uncommon Class Engraving Recipe
  • Rare Class Engraving Recipe
  • Rare Skill Rune
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