How to Get Jewel Coral for the Turtle Mount in Lost Ark

The huge world of Lost Ark is difficult to traverse completely on foot and that is why there are different mounts you can purchase and use in the game. This guide will help you get the Turtle Mount in Lost Ark but first, you need to get your hands on the Jewel Coral.

How to Get Jewel Coral in Lost Ark

Turtle Mount is a free unlockable mount that players can get in the game by simply completing The Turtle and the Boy quest. With its large shell, the turtle can easily accommodate you and is also found in three different colors for you to choose from.

To get the quest through which you can unlock the turtle mount, The Turtle and the Boy, you need to be level 50. The quest does not appear unless you are level 50 in the game.

Once you have reached level 50, head out to Turtle Island, located in the sea between Anikka and Pleccia.

Once at Turtle Island, you can speak to a turtle sunbathing and it will provide you with the quest The Turtle and the Boy. The quest is a huge fetch quest and you will be required to get different items from all around the world of Lost Ark.


Most of the places you have to go are where you have already been for your main story quests and you will probably have many fast travel points around.

Once you have gathered all the items, you can talk to the same turtle Tatan to get your rewards.

One of the final rewards you will get for completing The Turtle and the Boy quest in Lost Ark is the Jewel Coral. This is the item you need to actually buy your turtle mount.

With the quest completed and the Jewel Coral in your possession, it’s time to go and get your Turtle mount.

How to Get the Turtle Mount in Lost Ark

To get the Turtle Mount, you need to have the Jewel Coral in your possession. Now head on to any Luxury Goods Merchant in the game. Here, you have the option to trade in the Jewel Coral for any turtle you want.

The turtles have a Speed of 420 and also possess Dash Ability.

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