Lost Ark Toto Silver Island Guide

In Lost Ark, you can access Toto Silver Island once you've got your hands on the Toto Silver Island Token....

In Lost Ark, you can access Toto Silver Island once you’ve got your hands on the Toto Silver Island Token. This guide will cover everything to this Island in Lost Ark.

How to Unlock Toto Elder Rapport in Lost Ark

The Toto Silver Island Token can be received once you’ve reached the Trusted rapport level with Toto Elder. First, let’s talk about how you can unlock Toto Elder as an NPC.

You can unlock Toto Elder by fulfilling a quest condition and a virtue condition. This quest is called Totokis’ New Dream. This quest is one of the final quests you must complete on the Island. The virtue requirement for this quest is of 20 Wisdom and 30 Kindness.

Getting to a trusted stage with Toto Elder takes you a total of 18,000 rapport experiences.

You mustn’t use any rapport gifts, memorize all the songs and emotes, and finish the corresponding quests. It takes about 34 days to max rapport with Toto Elder.

Lost Ark Toto Silver Island Quests

Here is a list of Island Quests on Toto Island, along with their rewards.

Song From Home

This quest requires you to complete the Tortoyk World quest first. It grants you +1 Kindness, One Splendid Shard Chest, and 4,800 Silver. Toto Elder will request you to play a song that he doesn’t remember how to play in this quest.

The song will be named Heart’s Melody, which you will find in the Sheet Music tab. Play this song twice to complete this quest.

Time Wears You Down

This quest doesn’t have any other quest as a pre-requisite. Instead, it grants you +1 Kindness, 2 Splendid Shard Chests, and 4,800 Silver.

In addition, in this quest, you must give massage to 5 Toto Silvers that are scattered across the Island.

The Totoiki’s Dream: Temperature

This quest doesn’t have any other quest as a pre-requisite. Instead, it grants you +2 Kindness, 2 Splendid Shard Chests, and 7,200 Silver.

Your objective in this quest is to examine the eggs of creation and advice Toto Elder to prepare the eggs for hatching. Then you must proceed to collect the three Rock Moss scattered on the Island.

The Totoiki’s Dream: Fragrance

This quest doesn’t have any quest as a pre-requisite, and it grants you; +2 Kindness, x3 Splendid Shard Chest, and 7300 Silver.

In the Tortoyk Mokoko Village, go and talk to Elder Totoma. Then prepare the eggs of creation for hatching.

You’re required to collect 10 Red Cashew Fruits in the Seaswept Woods and 5 Mokoko Pollen in the Mokoko Village.

Now you must craft the scent of Tortoyk. For this, you can ask for help from Chef Tellara and then deliver it to Toto Elder on the Toto Silver Island.

The Totoiki’s Dream: Creation

This quest grants you one Frustrated Emote and 9,700 Silver. In this quest, you will assist in hatching the Eggs of Creation.

Consult the manual and be in touch with Toto Elder. Then, play the Heart’s Melody emotion.

Totoiki’s New Dream

This quest rewards you with five Splendid Shard Chests and 14,500 Silver. In this quest, empathize with Toto Elder by using the emotion Frustrated. Then talk to him and find a way to comfort him.

Collect 3 of Totoiki’s opinions and then advise Toto Elder to take up collecting as a hobby.

Toto Island Mokoko Seed Locations

There are a number of collectibles spread across the different areas of the Island. One of these collectibles are the Mokoko Seeds. These small fruit-like seeds have a green glow.

There are a total of three seeds on the Island. Players need to find these three seeds to complete the Toto Island. Once you have found a seed, simply walk up to it and press G to collect. Below we have mentioned all of the seed locations.

Mokoko Seed #1 Location

The first seed is found in the area surrounded by a circular stone wall. Next, you will find the Mokoko Seed on a floor covered with algae at the center.

Mokoko Seed #2 Location

You’ll find the second seed near some bushes where two Toto Silver are standing and chatting with each other near the shore. Once you’ve collected it, a tick will appear on the map.

Mokoko Seed #3 Location

In the same area, next to the second seed, you’ll find the third Mokoko Seed as well.

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