Lost Ark The Wide World of Beers Quest Guide

In Lost Ark, there are a lot of different quests that you can take part in. One of these quests is ‘The Wide World of Beers,’ in which you will complete different objectives involving beer in one way or another. This Lost Ark The Wide World of Beers Quest guide covers that quest and briefs you about all of its objectives from start to finish.

How to Start The Wide World of Beers Quest in Lost Ark?

This quest can be started by heading to the Gesbroy zone and talking to Pubkeeper Lambicturr. He will give you the option to start The Wide World of Beers quest.

Your first objective will be to fill out the Tour Request Form. This can be done by heading to the right of Lambicturr and interacting with the table.

Once the form is filled, your next task will be to hand it to the Island Manager Beer, who is available nearby in the same pub.

Once you give the form to the manager, your next objective will be to receive guidance from Aleturr. Then, you will need to go and talk to Aleturr, who will give you the objective of finding 2 interesting beers.

Find 2 Interesting Beers

Head to the location below to find 2 interesting beers, ‘Gesbroy’s Peach Wine’ and ‘Gesbroy’s Glacial Beer.’

Once this objective is complete, go and talk to Aleturr again and listen to his explanation. After talking to him again, he will ask you to create your own beer. To do so, interact with the keg present to the right of Aleturr. If you cannot see the beer keg, change your map view to Ch. 2. This will make the keg appear for you.

After you brew your own beer, your next objective will be to move the beer barrel to a good place so it can age. Pick up the barrel and move it to the map location marked by an exclamation mark. It will be next to the location where you find the interesting beers.

Go to Beer Storage

After this, you will have to go to Beer Storage. Head to the location marked on the map to get there.

At the Beer Storage, interact with Weisunturr to get guidance from him. Then, he will ask you to check the finished beer nearby. After that, talk to Weisunturr again.

He will give you a coupon which you will have to take to Lambicturr for beer tasting. Show the coupon to Lambicturr, after which you will be able to pour beer from the Beer Barrel on the left. Once you have the beer, raise the glass and drink it.

Your final objective will be to get a souvenir photo with some optional poses that you can do. This will be the end of the quest.

Once you complete The Wide World of Beers quest, you will receive the following rewards:

  • 240 Roster XP
  • 3 Uncommon Engraving Recipes
  • 3 High Seas Coin chests
  • 14000 Silver
  • 2100 Pirate coins.

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