Lost Ark Song of The Deep Sea Guide

This guide helps you find out how to complete the Song of the Deep Sea quest in Lost Ark and any prerequisite quests you need to deal with to unlock it.

How to Complete Song of The Deep Sea Quest in Lost Ark

To finish the Song of The Deep Sea quest, you will be required to complete the Oblivion Sea Dungeon, the first part of a longer questline; Payton Void.

Oblivion Sea Dungeon Quest is a fairly simple quest with not a lot to do other than diving deep into the sea and fighting off enemy bosses.

Oblivion Sea Dungeon Quest

The quest will start by dividing your 8 man party into two groups of 4. The first phase of the quest will require you to put on your wetsuits and dive into the ocean.

Next, you will be presented with two variations of the suit. One will have a power fist the other will have a harpoon as your weapon.

The suits will provide a stable oxygen supply so that you don’t have to worry about running out of oxygen.


Once you get there, you can try out your abilities with just a cooldown time and no mana cost. All you have to do now is to run wild and kill some fish.

Once both groups are finished with the rampage, you will move onto the next quest stage, where you will find the first boss. It is a relatively easy boss to kill, so you shouldn’t face many problems here.

Deep Sea Varangus Boss Fight

While fighting the boss, you will see randomly appearing red bubbles on the ground, which will deal you a little damage and debuff.

Word of advice is that even though they don’t do a lot of damage, the damage stacks up pretty fast and can kill you before you know it.

During the fight, a mini-boss in the form of a shark will appear. It is advised to kill it first as it grants a buff to your suit in the form of speed and damage.

After killing the mini-boss, you can get back to the main boss and finish what you started earlier.

After dealing with the first boss, you will enter the oxygen phase. In this phase, you won’t have an unlimited supply of oxygen, and you will have to replenish your oxygen from either a purple flower present all over the map or from standing on top of water bubbles coming out of the ground.

Akam the Sea Guard Boss Fight

The second boss has to be defeated in two phases. The first phase is the standing phase, where the boss will use his feet for the attacks.

For the second phase, the boss will sink into the ground, making it immobile, and use its tentacles for the attack.

While fighting the second boss, a giant red bubble will appear on the ground randomly, which will cause damage.

The damage can be avoided by going into the safe zone, which is a small white circle exactly where the big red circle originates from.

After the circle disappears, go back to fighting the boss until it is defeated. After defeating the second boss, you will have completed the Oblivion Sea Dungeon as well as Song of the Deep Sea quest.

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