Lost Ark Slime Island Guide

In this guide we will be covering everything related to Slime Island in Lost Ark including the Island Token and Mokoko seed locations.

Slime Island is one of the many islands located on the huge map of Lost Ark. Slime island is a PvP island so there are a few essential tips that you need to keep in mind before you get here. In this guide we will be covering everything related to Slime Island in Lost Ark including the Island Token and Mokoko seed locations.

Where to Find the Slime Island in Lost Ark

Slime island is located in the Sceptrum Ocean, northeast of Vern and to the west of Arthetine, it is a PvP Island meaning that it is necessary that you enter this island with a high item level or party.

The Slime Island Token is dropped by the Golden Bell Slime that spawns all over the map. You must kill this monster to gain this token.

Keep in mind that the drop rate of this token is really high. You will also come across a Slime Queen that does not have any chance of dropping the Slime Island Token.

There are three Mokoko Seeds on this island. Two of them require you to have the song of resonance. We have mentioned each of these seed locations below.

How to Get the Slime Island Token

As mentioned before, in the Slime Island of Lost Ark, players must defeat a certain enemy to acquire the token. To earn this token, they have to slay the Golden Bell Slime.


The Golden Bell Slime monster randomly drops the island’s Token once it’s killed. Since Slime Island is a PvP there is a high chance of you’ll be attacked while hunting. Other players can be hostile to you and add to the difficulty of this island.

To make life a bit easier, form a party to farm the token or go to a less populated part of the island. Try asking other players on the Island to band up with you to get Island Token hunting.

Moreover, by killing the energy mobs on the Slime Island you can gain some valuable items such as Slime Coins. You can exchange Slime Coins for some Rapport items at the Slime Coin shop. Exchange items include the Festival of Fire and Ice and Torso Sculpture.

Slime Island Quests

You can take part in some quests at Slime Island. Una’s tasks can get you some valuable rewards and A Taste of Slime is one of such tasks that you will be completing on Slime Island.

Your main objective in this quest is to collect certain cooking materials. You’re required to collect 99 Slime Jellies, 10 Wild herbs, 5 Red Fairy Fruits, and prepped vegetables.

You must add all these ingredients to the cauldron and cook to gain a huge number of rewards.

Lost Ark Slime Island Mokoko Seed Locations

There are 3 Mokoko Seeds located on Slime Island.

Slime Island Mokoko Seed #1

For the first seed, you must go to the southeast tip of the island. Follow the trail until you come across a small tavern. You’ll find the Mokoko seed in the right corner inside this tavern.

Lost Ark Slime Island Mokoko Seed location 1

Slime Island Mokoko Seed #2 and #3

Head to the western tip of the island and you’ll find a statue. Use the sheet music, Song of Resonance to open a secret path. Once you arrive at the intersection, you’ll find the second seed at the right corner of the path while the third one will be at the top-left corner.

Lost Ark Slime Island Mokoko Seed location 2 Lost Ark Slime Island Mokoko Seed location 3


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