Where to Find and Kill Rovlen in Lost Ark

The world of Lost Ark is divided into seven massive continents, and you’ll have to confront a boss on each one. The third region you’ll visit in Lost Ark is Luterra, where you’ll have to fight Rovlen. This guide will show you how to find and kill Rovlen in Lost Ark.

Where to Find Rovlen in Lost Ark

Rovlen is a massive voracious plant that arose due to the Chain War when the Moon fragments unleashed their chaotic energy across the earth. Rovlen roams the earth after the events of Chain War, driven by his insatiable appetite, and has developed a taste for human flesh.

Rovlen Location

Rovlen, the perplexing boss, can be located in West Luterra, towards the southern end of the region known as Bilbin Forest. Rovlen spawns every 30 minutes. We’ve pinpointed Rovlen’s location in the image below for your convenience.

How to Kill Rovlen in Lost Ark

Once you’ve located Rovlen in Lost Ark, it’s time to fight, so gear up. Taking on Rovlen in a group is preferable to fighting it alone because you will have a better chance of defeating it.

Rovlen has the ability to surround itself with poison (Red AoE Zones) to deal damage. Approach it with caution! It can strike you from a distance with its lengthy roots, so keep your guard up. Moreover, Rovlen may unleash a swarm of tendrils, dispatch them, and focus on Rovlen itself.

During the fight, there will be a stage where a whitish orb will surround Rovlen. When you see this, take advantage of the opportunity to replenish your health and avoid using cooldowns. It is because Rovlen becomes invincible when surrounded by the whitish orb.

In a nutshell, to triumph, the main aim is to stay alive while dealing damage is the second. That’s all there is to know about Rovlen in Lost Ark.

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