Lost Ark Ride Like The Wind Quest Guide

"Ride Like the Wind" is one of the daily Una's Tasks that players will be taking on in Lost Ark....

“Ride Like the Wind” is one of the daily Una’s Tasks that players will be taking on in Lost Ark. The following guide will highlight all the necessary details needed to complete the quest.

How to Start Lost Ark Ride Like The Wind

Una’s Tasks are part of the endgame content and will become available once players hit level 50. These quests are the most efficient way for players to earn a good amount of loot to further improve their characters.

It’s relatively easy to begin the Ride Like the Wind quest. You only have to find and speak with Peyto to receive a pop-up text that will begin the quest.

Ride Like the Wind will have three objectives for players to complete:

  • Give a customer from Peyto a ride
  • Give a ride to a customer on the Marine Taxi
  • Disembark at Tortoyk Seaswept Woods, Revelry Row, and Turtle Island

Begin by taking on the role of a marine taxi driver to offer transport services to customers. You’ll have to drop customers off at Tortoyk Seaswept Woods, Revelry Row, and Turtle Island.

There are no hard and fast rules; you can complete the task in any random order. That being said, the most efficient and straightforward route is Turtle Island, followed by Revelry Row, and finally Tortoyk Seaswept Woods.

Another thing to note is that completing the quest in the order: Turtle Island, Tortoyk Seaswept Woods, and Revelry Row is not recommended. Doing so you’ll find yourself at a weird spot by the end of the quest.

Turtle Island

As previously stated, Turtle Island should be your first stop. It is located east of Peyto in the Sea of Gienah. Assuming you accepted the quest from Una’s Tasks, open the world map and mark off Turtle Island to chart a course to the location.

Look for an orange circle as you approach the island. This circle denotes the location where your ship should be anchored. You must drop off the first passenger here.

Wait for the objective to be completed before returning to the boat. It is crucial to remember that you must return to the boat and mark off the next location before heading there.

Revelry Row

Revelry Row is located in the Ethulia Sea to the south of the North Vern region. Mark the location on the map and head to Revelry Row. As you arrive, disembark the ship and drop off the passenger. Wait for the objective to be completed. Once it’s done, you’re good to go.

Tortoyk Seaswept Woods

Tortoyk Seaswept Woods is the final destination you must visit to complete this quest. It’s in Ocean Square East Luterra on the Singing Sea.

At the time of writing, Tortoyk Seaswept Woods is not searchable on the map. So, if you look around East Luterra, you’ll notice an anchor icon by the name of Seaswept Woods.

Anchor the ship in the Seaswept Woods and drop off the last passengers. Wait for the objective to be completed. This marks the end of the quest.

When all three objectives of the Ride Like the Wind quest are done, you’ll receive the following rewards:

  • Harmony Leapstone x10
  • Reputation Points x10
  • Roster EXP x480
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