Lost Ark Outlaw Island Guide

Outlaw Island is a small PvP island that players can visit to not only PvP but to collect the Island Token and Mokoko Seeds too. In this Lost Ark guide, we will tell you complete details on finding Outlaw Island and gathering all its collectibles.

Where to Find Outlaw Island in Lost Ark

Before we start collecting all the goodies on Outlaw Island, we have to find it first! Let’s take a look at Outlaw Island’s location in Lost Ark below.

Lost Ark Outlaw Island Location

It is a very small PvP Island that can be found in the Whispering Sea at the location shown on the map above.

Visiting that Island is not just important for collecting the Island Token, but also required for completing another quest of Lost Ark.

More specifically, when completing the White Wave Island quest “Many Islands, One Legend”, you have to visit Outlaw Island and open a chest here.

How to get the Outlaw Island Token

Getting Outlaw Island Token in Lost Ark is pretty much similar to getting Token at other Islands. At this Island also you have to open the chests multiple times to get the island Token.

This is a very small Island so the chance of getting the Island Token early on is quite rare.

While you are on this island you are advised to be quick and try to go to this Island alone when no other players are moving towards it. This is because the island is so small, and you are going to be hit by AoE of the attacks of other players.

Lost Ark Outlaw Island Mokoko Seed

There is only one Mokoko Seed you can find on this Island. Finding that Mokoko Seed is one of the easiest jobs that you have done in Lost Ark.

Just get to the Edge of the Island which is a little sharper than the other corners, and you will find the Mokoko Seed right there. Even if you don’t get to the location first try, you can check all sides of the Island in no time because of its small size.

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