Lost Ark Oreha Preveza Abyss Dungeon Guide

Oreha Preveza is one of several Abyss Dungeons which form the endgame content for Lost Ark. Provided that all requirements are met, the following guide will help players breeze through the Oreha Preveza Abyss Dungeon of Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Oreha Preveza Abyss Dungeon

Abyssal dungeons in Lost Ark are highly challenging and only become eligible after players have completed the main storyline of the game, leveled up their characters to at least level 50 and achieved an item level of at least level 340.

Oreha Preveza is a tier 3 Abyssal Dungeon where players will have to face two bosses to reap their rewards. The item level required to enter this dungeon is level 1325 for Normal mode and level 1370 for Hard mode. Take the item levels seriously because these bosses hit hard.

Oreha Preveza- First Boss Fight

The first boss of the Oreha Preveza Abyss Dungeon will spawn totems all around the arena. The totems will buff the boss with either increased attack damage or reduced damage taken.

Those buffs need to be taken out as fast as possible. Keep an eye out on the map as it will mark totems every time they are spawned. Destroy them to remove the buffs and increase your survival chances.

However, when the boss enters the Fire phase, the spawn totems will cease. The boss will instead rely on a deadly Spin attack which does continuous damage to all players in its radius.


Taking three hits will stun a player while doing massive amounts of damage. Make sure to stay out of the attack radius.

Oreha Preveza- Second Boss Fight

The second boss will have three phases: Earth, Thunder, and Enraged. The Enraged phase will be the sole phase if players are doing the dungeon in Hard mode. The other two will be the only phases for players in Normal mode.

Beware of the clown in the arena, which the boss will spawn to blind players. Much like the totems, make sure to take out the clown as quickly as possible. You also need to make sure that its Stagger Bar is depleted. The boss will enter the Enraged phase if the bar is not.

Another attack of the boss is Memory where it flies in the air and creates a safe zone in the arena. Stay in the safe zone and wait for the red markers to appear.

Memorize the red markers and stand on the opposite side of them to dodge the incoming attack.

There is also an attack where the boss will fly into the air to spawn arrows on the ground where the attack will land. It will also spawn red orbs that will stun you on impact.

Dodge the attacks and wait for the red circle to spawn. All of the party needs to be in the red circle when it spawns so you are safe from the high damage attack outside the circle.

After both bosses are defeated, the dungeon will reward you with some nifty tier 3 rewards.