Lost Ark Necromancer’s Origin Abyss Dungeon Guide

The following guide will help you complete the second abyss dungeon of Lost Ark, Necromancer's Origin with ease.

Once players have begun their tier 1 progression in Lost Ark, they’ll have to come to terms with the highly difficult Abyss Dungeons which require an item level of at least 340. Prepare a party of four and then read the following guide to completing the Lost Ark Necromancer’s Origin Abyss Dungeon.

Lost Ark Necromancer’s Origin Abyss Dungeon

Before facing any of Necromancer’s creations, there are certain tactics and tips that you must know. There are two bosses that you will encounter within Necromancer’s Origin abyssal dungeon; we’ll discuss both of their mechanisms below.

Necromancer’s Origin – Reanimated Garum Boss

This is the first boss that you will come across in Necromancer’s Origin Abyss Dungeon in Lost Ark. You’ve already encountered this boss before in the Vern storyline.

Unlike the first Dungeon, if you manage this boss poorly, you might end up wiping out the whole party.

Every time the boss roars, each player in your team will get a red orb stack above their name. If this orb stack count gets to 5 then you will end up dead. A yellow orb spawns on the mini-map in order to counter the stacks; this removes all stacks from that player.

Additionally, you must rotate the yellow orb surrounding your party as soon as possible. If the group that you’re in is a matchmaking PUG group, it would be best for you to establish a pick-up order or make the players pick up an orb as soon as possible.


Here’s a list of the mechanics that are special to Reanimated Garum in Necromancer’s Origin abyssal dungeon and how you can tackle them.

Cone Cycle: This boss uses cone-based skills to cycle from front, back, and side. In order to avoid this, you need to cycle in each of these positions.

Tail Whip: Once this dragon does a tail whip, it sends out a cone of foul magic behind this boss. Rolling backward will help you get out of the range of this boss and get to his side.

Swipes: This boss swipes with each of his front claws after a delay. The player with the boss’ attention on him must be vary of this move.

Side Cones: The boss does a conal attack which emits foul magic from his left and right sides. He deals damage in three ticks.

Dash: Garum dashes shortly after a big frontal swipe with his claw. Dash is difficult to dodge but the wipe can be dodged using space bar and movement skills.

Double Donut: There are two separate AOE effects when it comes to this boss. One is under this boss and the other one is a larger ring at the edge of his range. Stand between these areas to avoid getting hit.

Necormancer’s Origin – Sigmund the Immortal Boss

Sigmund has a big party wipe check that the players must know about. The boss will squat in a position and his demon eye will be present in the sky. This eye shows an AOE indicator that impacts the entire boss room.

You will have to beat the yellow bar under this boss’ name by causing him a great deal of damage or else you and your party might die.

We recommend that your party must rotate their awakening skills during this phase to ensure the DPS check is satisfied. It would be best for you to fill up on Chaos Shards before you go in.

Another core mechanic happens when the boss’ health drops to 1. Once he gets to that point, he will then do a large AOE and become undefeatable.

Players will have to split to different directions i.e. North, East, South, and West. Each of these directions has either a red or a black orb. You need to click on the orb depending on the color of the AOE. If you get this wrong then the AOE detonates.

This happens twice in the fight, if you manage to pull it off the first time, the boss reactivates with another ten bars of HP. Cycle through these health bars and perform the same mechanism again to kill the boss.

Here’s a list of the mechanics that are special to thSigmund the Immortal in Necromancer’s Origin abyssal dungeon and how you can tackle them.

AOE: This boss does a large AOE that will fill up the entire area except for a small section under the boss. Stand under this boss until the AOE detonates.

360 melee range attack: The boss’ eye spins and damages everyone in a 360 melee range around him.

Raining Blood: He will drop blood pools around the room which will persist for a short time.

More Orbs: This boss releases four orbs that split into different directions and rotate 30 degrees and fire again. Analyze where the first orbs fire and then stand in a position according to that to avoid getting hit. The boss can then fire even more orbs later in the fight.

Avoid the Fire: The boss will select a player that spawns a pool of foul magic under the target. This happens several times during the fight and you must be careful of it.

Front Cone: There will be foul magic attacks on players caught in the frontal cone.

Falling Debris: The falling debris mechanic makes red eyes fall from the sky onto random locations. Once they land they shoot out eight missiles on a 360 cone around the impact.

Double demon eye AOEs: The boss uses his eye to do a larger AOE around his self. It then uses the demon’s eye to use a powerful and long cone.

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