Lost Ark Monte Island Guide

Monte Island is another way for you to earn an Island Token in Lost Ark., But before you start your...

Monte Island is another way for you to earn an Island Token in Lost Ark., But before you start your venture in Monte Island, there are a few important tips that you need to know. This guide will cover everything you need to know about Monte Island in Lost Ark.

How to Get to Monte Island in Lost Ark

Monte Island is located at the North-East of Bern, just across the sea from Faten. Therefore, it would be best for you to reach level 50 and equipped item level of 250 before you start your journey towards this place.

There is no combat experience on this Island. This is an adventure Island, and it only spawns during certain fixed times of the week. There is no specific schedule for when it spawns.

Therefore, it doesn’t necessarily show up every day. Right before this Island spawns, a giant whirlpool shows up, and your Procyon’s Compass helps you figure out when it becomes available.

How to get the Monte Island Token

In Lost Ark, you can obtain Island Tokens, which are collectibles, and they mark your progress as you complete different objectives in the game. Collecting these tokens helps you with your progress in the game and helps you earn more rewards.

Monte Island makes the players compete against each other. As soon as you set foot on the Island, a competitive quest starts in which all the players have to search the area.


Players will have to find chests across the map, and these chests are marked on the map. Some of these chests are hidden inside tree trunks.

Every chest, once opened, will yield some points for the players. The competition ends when all of the players accumulate a total of 5000 points. Every player gets a Monte Island Join Reward upon joining the quest. One of these coins can turn out to be the Island Token. Since there is no surety about when it drops, you might have to give it multiple tries.

Mokoko Seed Locations

There are four Mokoko seed locations on this map, and two of them require a song of resonance. These seeds are usually found around the edges or boundaries of different objects.

You’ll find two seeds at the Northern end of the map, while the other two will be located at the extreme left and right corners of the map.

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