Lost Ark Levanos Guardian Raid Guide

This guide will look at different tips and tricks for Lost Ark Levanos Guardian Raid and help you defeat the boss.

Want to test and improve your abilities in Lost Ark while gaining useful loot? Lost Ark provides its players with just the opportunity in the form of Guardian Raids. This guide will look at different tips and tricks for Lost Ark Levanos Guardian Raid.

How to Participate in the Levanos Guardian Raid in Lost Ark?

Guardian Raids are unlocked in Lost Ark when the player reaches level 50 and allow them to level up, learn new game mechanics, and test their abilities against evolving attacks throughout the raid.

Levanos is level 4 Guardian in Lost Ark. You are required to have Item Level 1040 to fight Levanos.

Levanos Boss Attack Patterns

Levanos is one of the tricky ones to defeat. He doesn’t have a one-shot mechanic, but his attacks pack quite a punch. You need to be careful of following things during your encounter.


Levanos’s armor is one of the hardest ones to crack. You need to look for weak points, and it can take a lot of time to break through the armor.

Small Sapling Summon

During the fight, Levanos can summon a smaller tree-like boss. During this time, Levanos will become invisible, and you can only go back to attacking him after you defeat the small boss.

Spirit Flame

Levanos will release a flame attack in four directions which will deal damage and push the attacker away at the same time. This attack originates from below him.

Spirit Explosions

Levanos can summon small circles that explode after 1 second of appearing.

Flare Summon

Levanos will summon flares from the sky within a certain area. These flares explode on impact and inflict damage.

Enraged Levanos

When Levanos reaches 30% HP, it turns red, and his attacks also differ from before. He also becomes significantly stronger than before.

The Spirit Flame Attack will no longer originate from below him and can appear from any random location around him

Levanos now can summon a flame wall that will push the player back inside if they touch it and deal a little damage. It’s best to stay inside.

Enraged, Levanos summons roots from the ground that will stun the player on contact, and at the same time, he will release a storm-type attack that will hit multiple times and deal damage.

How to Defeat Levanos in Lost Ark

Levanos is weak against Fire Element Skills, and they will deal 15% more damage than other attacks. The following items are recommended against Levanos

  • HP Potion
  • Corrosive Bombs
  • Destruction Bombs
  • Pheromone Bombs
  • Flare

It is recommended to use Weak Point Affix during the fight if you want to break through his armor with ease.

Flare Summon is one of the slowest attacks by Levanos. He will turn blue before the attack indicating that he is about to attack. If we attack right before he summons the flares, we will not only interrupt his attack but will also stagger him. Make use of this opportunity to deal lots of damage.

Levanos will recover his armor health when he moves from one location to another, so make sure to keep that into account as well.

Whenever Levanos releases Spirit Flame, make sure to stand in the clear zone because on top of dealing damage, it will push you away, and you want to not be at a distance from the boss.

Be careful of the attacks, and choose when to be offensive and defensive carefully. Use the recommended items, and you will eviscerate the giant tree in no time.

Levanos will drop the following tier 2 items

  • Accessories
  • Upgrade Materials
  • Ability Stone

On top of that, you will also get Rare Runes, Engraving Books, and Cards.

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