Lost Ark Illusion Bamboo Island Mokoko Seed Location

The Bamboo Illusion Island is found in the Seeker’s Sea northeast of the Yorn continent. It is characterized as an isolated bamboo-covered island. On this little island, only one Mokoko seed can be discovered. This guide will help you find the Mokoko Seed Location on Illusion Bamboo Island in Lost Ark.

How to Get Illusion Bamboo Island Mokoko Seed in Lost Ark

Travel to the Island’s southeast to collect the Lost Ark Illusion Bamboo Island mokoko seed. You’ll see a vine-covered archway as you approach. There will be a mokoko seed buried under a nearly identical overgrown arch.

Just move in front of the vines and play the Forest Minuet song. Enter the freshly opened location when the vines have vanished and look beneath the arch on the left side. Follow the steps on the button to acquire the seed.

How to Get Forest Minuet Song in Lost Ark

You must continue playing the game until you have access to a boat, at which time you must cruise to Lullaby Island.

When you arrive, chat with Traveler Eclipse, and do the tasks that have been set for you. When you hear music, it will help you remove vines blocking parts of the map.

Due to the nature of Lost Ark, there is rarely anything noteworthy behind these vines, yet they are required to finish each zone.

Rewards for completing Illusion Bamboo Island

When you complete the quest of the whole Ilusion Bamboo Island, you will receive Illusion Bamboo Island Soul, 80 Destruction Stone Crystal (Bound), 250 Guardian Stone Crystal (Bound), 35 Honor Leapstone (Bound), 5 Solar Blessing (Bound),2 Solar Protection (Bound).

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