Lost Ark Hypnos’ Eyes Island Mokoko Seed Locations Guide

The following guide will help you find all the Mokoko Seeds that are scattered across Hypnos’ Eyes Island in Lost Ark.

How To Get To Hypnos’ Island in Lost Ark?

There are five Mokoko Seeds on Hypnos’ Eyes Island but before getting to know their locations, you will need to know how to get there in the first place.

The Hypnos’ Eyes Island is located southeast of the Rohandel. The questline that is required starts from the Kravis Island close to Hypnos’ Island. Make sure to grab the questline before heading to Hypnos’ Island.

After completing the questline, you’ll unlock Calvasus and Alvasus. This also requires you to have 80 points of courage and 70 points of Charisma.

Lost Ark Hypnos’ Eyes Island Mokoko Seed Locations

There are five seeds there in total and here’s how to locate them.

Mokoko Seed 1

The location of the seed on the map is indicated below.

Get to the ship in the area and you’ll find the first seed in the location shown.

Mokoko Seeds 2 and 3

The location for the seeds is mentioned on the map given below.

After getting to the location on the map, enter the structure and continue straight to its end. At the left corner of the structure, you’ll find stairs. Descend those stairs and you’ll get into a room in which there’s a fan hanging. The second you’ll find is in the left middle of the room near some drums and stacks.

The third one is in the right corner of the room.

Mokoko Seed 4

After getting to the indicated location on the map, look for a wrecked shack outside which are a few jars and a drum. The fourth seed is right there.

Mokoko Seed 5

Get to the location indicated on the map first.

You’ll be on a ship in which you can get down using the stairs. After getting down, rotate 180 degrees and continue to the separated portion. On the right side, you’ll get the seed.

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