Lost Ark Helgaia Guardian Raid Guide

In this Lost Ark guide, we’ll let you know how to defeat Helgaia during the Helgaia Guardian Raid by outlining some key strategies and attack patterns.

During the Raids in Lost Ark, you will come across different tier guardians that you need to defeat in order to progress further. One such guardian is Helgaia and in this Lost Ark guide, we’ll let you know how to defeat Helgaia during the Helgaia Guardian Raid.

Lost Ark Helgaia Guardian Raid

Helgaia is a Level 3 Guardian in Lost Ark and you have to be Item Level 840 to enter its Guardian Raid.

It will enter the fight in a Normal Phase but will try to evolve into the next phase, where it’s considerably stronger. Its attacks are also quick, and it is difficult for slow classes to dodge.

Helgaia takes 10% more damage from Water Element skills and Combat Items like Panacea and Flare.

Helgaia attacks apply a burn effect to the character, which can be easily removed using the Panacea combat item.

Attacks and How to Counter Them

Helgaia has an Evolve mechanism to get to the next phase during the fight. It has a total of three phases, where the final phase makes it stronger.

When it is about to evolve, you’ll need to Stagger check it in order to stop it from evolving. Every time you stop it from evolving, the Stagger required to stop it from evolving next time will be higher than before.

It will try to evolve every 30-40 seconds and it will become impossible for you to stop it from evolving later on. Once it is in the last phase, you can stack enough Stagger to send it back to Phase 1.

Phase 1

One of the attacks of Helgaia is where it charges in the forward direction. When it is about to charge, you will see its wings go high up and you can dodge at that time.

Also, when the boss goes blue at the time of charging, you can hit it to stun it for a short time.

Another move is called Peck where it hits its beak into the ground two times. This can be easily dodged by looking at its head when it goes time. Dodge to any of the sides and you will get a huge opening to deal some damage.

Helgaia will perform the Fireball attack the same way it does the Peck attack. Look out for the boss when it starts flapping its wings really fast. That will be your cue to dodge the attack.

The Wind Slash and Tail Swipe are two other attacks that Helgaia will perform during the fight. Both of these attacks can be dodged easily by going towards the tail.

Phase 2

In Phase 2, Helgaia will use most of the Phase 1 attacks but there will be one new attack called Leap Attack.

During the leap attack, Helgaia will fly into the air and slam in the direction it is facing. This can be dodged easily by running to the sides of the boss. Look out for where it is facing and dodge to any side.

It also shoots three fireballs during the Fireball Attack in Phase 2 and does more damage than before.

Phase 3

A new attack is introduced in Phase 3, where it telegraphs red markers on the ground and shoots meteors on that spot. If you get hit by the meteors, the next meteors will land directly on you.

The Charge Attack from the previous phases is also changed where now it leaps in the air and charges in the forward direction while leaving a trail of fire behind. If you step into the fire, your character will get burn damage.

After you have defeated the guardian, you will be awarded Tier 2 reward for completing the raid successfully.