Lost Ark Gunslinger Leveling Guide

This guide will let you know how to go about leveling up your Gunslinger in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark has tons of different playstyles players can adopt by making different builds and leveling up characters in specific points. This guide will let you know how to go about leveling up your Gunslinger in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Gunslinger Leveling

Gunslinger is one of the subclasses in the Gunner Main class and is mainly a ranged hero with different weapons at her disposal for different situations. You get to pick from three weapons at the start of the game with Gunslinger, each of which provides different boosts and buffs to the player.

Gunslingers follow fast-paced combat and require quick thinking from the players, making the class difficult to master, as you will need to continuously swap your weapons and skills to manage enemy hordes whilst dealing massive damages.

Gunslinger is a ranged hero, and as such is not very tanky, yet she can hold on her own with her high damage values and strong attacks.

Gunslinger Mobility Skills

The main skills for mobility in areas where you cannot use your mount are:

  • Quick Step
  • Somersault Shot
  • Dexterous Shot

All of these skills are perfect for getting away whilst also dealing damage. Though you can make with Quick Step and Somersault Shot alone, we recommend having Dexterous Shot as a backup if you find yourself requiring more than one move to get away from the hordes.

In narrow spaces, Quickstep allows for more controlled mobility as you move away 6 meters and can then get away. In open areas, or in boss fights, Somersault Shot works better as you can go 10 meters with this and allows you to even avoid many ground AoEs from the boss and other enemies.

Best Skills to Level Up As Gunslinger

Gunslinger has three different weapons to use, a pistol, shotgun and a sniper rifle. Pistols work best in medium-range, shotguns excel in close-range combat and sniper rifles are perfect for long range combat. Depending on the situation you are in, you will need to switch between the three to make the best out of them.

Here are the main damage skills that you can use to clear out enemies.

Spiral Tracker

Gunslinger will throw a handgun at the enemy, that tracks the enemy within a 10-meter range and can hit up to 15 times. The damage on this attack is good and in packed up groups, this skill can also hit multiple enemies at once.


This skill allows Gunslinger to fire her weapon across a broad area, allowing easy group control. You can use Weakness Exposed, Enemy Raid and Vital Point Shot from the tripod skill tree with this skill.

Death Fire

You fire a volley of bullets for 2.9s to attack all nearby enemies. If you hit the perfect zone, Gunslinger will throw a grenade in and jump back, that damages all enemies within the range and launches them into the air. It is best used with Keen Strike, Flame Bomb and Infinite Decimation tripod skills.

Rapid Shotgun Fire

Gunslinger fires her shotgun 3 times in a row, with the third shot dealing increased damage. It is best used with In a Tight Spot and Enhanced Shot tripod skills to further increase damage.

Last Request

Fires an explosive shot that launches enemies into the air.


Gunslinger fires her shotgun in each hand 7 times, dealing massive burst damage. The move can be canceled at any time by switching stances. It is best used with Ranged Shot, Omnidirectional Fire and Guardian’s breath tripod skills.

Spiral Bullet

Fires a powerful shot from the sniper, that lunches enemies into air and sets the ground ablaze. The fire deals damage every 0.8 second for 2.4 seconds.

Focused Shot

Fire 2 consecutive rifle shots that will also slow down the enemy movement speed by 80% for 2 seconds, followed by a third high caliber shot that knocks down the enemy. It is best sued with Quick Aim, Double Tap and Final Strike tripod skills.

Gunslinger Levelling Tips

Since skills are the main bread and butter of the Gunslinger, always focus on faster skill cooldown and reduced casting time. This allows her to be more aggressive in the fights, and you will constantly be cycling through her different weapons.

Secondly, the major stat to focus on is Crit and Specialization Combat. Increasing Gunslinger’s damage and clearing out speed in vital to her playstyle as she can get overwhelmed by the enemies.

The last thing for you to focus on is her speed. High movement speed allows her to quickly relocate and round up enemies in tight spots where she can focus her fire to make quick work of them.

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