Lost Ark Goes Down For Maintenance, Patch Notes Released

Take note that all servers across all supported regions have gone down for Lost Ark at the time of writing as part of a weekly maintenance.

Take note that all servers across all supported regions have gone down for Lost Ark at the time of writing as part of a weekly maintenance regiment.

The downtime will last for an estimated three hours, after which all Lost Ark servers and regions will come back online with a few new changes and fixes.

The official patch notes confirm that previously reported issues such as the players unable to refund Royal Crystals and effects of Crystalline Aura bugging out have been addressed.

Furthermore, a reward item previously dispatched was actually intended for higher levels. The item is now being replaced with a more level appropriate reward. Once the Lost Art servers come back online, the original reward will be replaced with the new one for all players.

  • Fixed an issue where Royal Crystal refunds could get stuck pending when using the currency Exchange.
  • Fixed an issue where players were not receiving the effects of Crystalline Aura despite the system showing it as active.
  • Tier 2 Abyss Trade vendors are now available.
  • Fixed an issue where incorrect translations were being seen on load screens.
  • In our attendance event across all regions, the day 15 reward supplied a rapport item that was intended for higher item levels (1430). We have changed this reward for another rapport item that is more level appropriate. For players who have already claimed the day 15 item, this will be swapped out with the updated login reward during tonight’s maintenance.

Lost Ark has seen a massive release in the past couple of weeks, achieving the second-most concurrent players on Steam in history within the first day of release. The popularity though has taken a toll on the online infrastructure, particularly in Europe where players are suffering long queues.

While developer Smilegate and publisher Amazon Games strive to increase the number of servers in the region, it has also come to light that “there is no way to increase the number of players per world in Europe Central” and “adding more servers is not possible based on the complexity of all the systems that need to work together.”

For players looking to jump into the game as soon as the maintenance concludes, keep checking the Lost Ark server status here.

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