Lost Ark Fragrance and Fish Quest Guide

In this Lost Ark guide, we will be specifically navigating through Panda Island’s Fragrance and Fish quest.

Lost Ark is packed with a wide variety of quests, both main story and side quests which can help you collect numerous rewards. In this Lost Ark guide, we will be specifically navigating through Panda Island’s Fragrance and Fish quest.

How to Unlock the Fragrance and Fish Quest in Lost Ark

With the Sailing feature of this game unlocked, players can get access to a variety of islands and adventures for bonus rewards.

You will unlock the Fragrance and Fish quest once you reach Panda Island. Once you reach this island, you can complete the Fragrance and Fish quest and get to know the pandas of this island.

Where is the Panda Island Located?

On your map, you will find two nations named Anikka and Arthetine. The Panda Island is situated between these two nations. Once you reach this island, you must move towards your east.

Once you’re here, you’ll be able to begin the Fragrance and Fish Quest. You are required to find three hidden locations in this quest. These locations are given below.

Before starting the quest, mark it in the quest journal to track your progress, and you’re good to go!


Now, Let’s talk about the various locations you’ll be visiting in this quest.

First Hidden Clue location

Head towards the east, and you’ll come across a secret passage. This passage is located right behind a stone lantern. Near this location is a clearing which will help you identify it easily.

You will also notice a highlighted circle that will indicate the hidden location. This is where you will find some Mokoko Seeds that you can collect.

Second Hidden Clue location

Walk to the bottom of this island, and eventually, you’ll come across two stone lanterns. These lanterns will arrive right before a broken bridge.

You must cross this bridge to get to the other side. Once you cross the bridge, you’ll find a small island that you can jump down to. This is the second hidden clue location.

Final Hidden Clue Location

Return to the main area until you find two stone lanterns, and then move to your north. Keep moving forward until you come across a group of pandas.

Behind these pandas, a hidden path will lead you to the third and final location, “Past the Panda.”

This will mark the end of your Fragrance and Fish quest in Lost Ark. Completing this quest will get you the following rewards.

  • Splendid Shard Chest
  • Lavish Guardian Stone Fragment Chest
  • Splendid Destruction Stone Fragment Chest
  • Wisdom
  • Roster XP
  • Silver

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