Lost Ark Forpe Island Guide

Forpe Island is one of the many Islands available in the Lost Ark. This Island also has a cooperative quest for you to complete that can reward you with an Island token and other rewards. This guide will give you complete details about the Forpe Island in Lost Ark.

Where to Find the Forpe Island in Lost Ark?

Forpe Island in Lost Ark is an adventure island, so it will not respawn every day. You have to check your Procyon’s Compass to see whether it is available.

On the day this island is available, it will spawn after every two hours. Once you see that the island is available, you can find it in the location given below.

Lost Ark Forpe Island

You can find this island just south of Annika, which can be seen on the map above.

Once a player sees the island, a three-minute timer will start, and you have to reach the island in that time to participate in the quest.


Lost Ark Forpe Island Quest

Forpe Island has a cooperative quest called Ask for an Archaeologis. For completing this quest, you have to reach the island before the time ends and get yourself transformed into a chicken by opening any chest.

A lot of chests are scattered throughout the island, so you will not have any trouble finding one.

Once you are transformed into a chicken, go to the island’s center and wait for the boss to spawn along with other players. Once the boss appears, you have to use your Q ability to explode and cause damage to the boss.

All the players have to do so to take out the boss quickly. The explosion will take out a lot of your health, but you will turn into human form again.

Once the boss is down, he will drop the reward for you, including the Island Token. Unfortunately, since the drop is based on RNG, you may have to complete the quest multiple times to get Island Token.

This boss can also drop a secret map that will lead you to a mysterious chest in Forpe Island.

Once you are done with the boss, you can also collect the Mokoko Seeds from Forpe Island. Locations of all Mokoko Seeds can be seen below.

Forpe Island Mokoko Seed Locations

In total, you will find 6 Mokoko Seeds on Forpe Island. These Mokoko Seeds can be found in a pair form as they are quite close to each other.

Since some of these Mokoko Seeds are in a secret area, you will need to be transformed into a chicken by opening the chest to enter these areas.

Mokoko Seed #1 & #2

Go to the location shown on the map above and make sure you are in chicken form to enter the secret area through a small opening in the mountain. Inside you will find both the Mokoko Seeds.

Mokoko Seed #3 & #4

Head to the location shown on the map above and enter the secret area next to the wooden tower.

You will also need to turn into a Chicken for entering that area. Collect one Seed, and the second one will be right in front of it.

Mokoko Seed #5 & #6

Lost Ark Forpe Island Mokoko Seeds

Go to the location shown on the map above and break the barricade blocking your way to the edge of a mountain. Once it brakes, jump onto the edge of a cliff and move forward along it.

Drop down to a small area in front of you, and you will find both mokoko seeds in the center of the area.

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