Lost Ark Fantasm Island Mokoko Seeds Locations Guide

The following guide will help you find all the Mokoko Seeds on the Fantasm Island in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Fantasm Island Mokoko Seeds Locations

Fantasm Island is accessible by ship alone. It is located in the north of Rohindell and is perfect for farming materials you’ll need for tier 2 upgrades.

There are four Mokoko Seeds on Fantasm Island. These seeds are easily identifiable because of their green leaves and to collect them you just have to go near them and press G. All four Mokoko Seeds are marked below.

Mokoko Seed #1

The first Mokoko seed is on the western side of the island. It is on the ground near the cliff where you will find a small blue tree near a bunch of bushes. The Mokoko seed is hidden right under the small blue tree.

Mokoko Seed #2

The second Mokoko seed is in the northern part of the island. After collecting the first seed, head north and find a hidden path that will lead to a secret room.

In this room, you will find a statue. You have to play the song of resonance to get the statue to move out of the way. There’s a hidden entrance in the back that contains the second seed.

Mokoko Seed #3

The third Mokoko seed is also in this secret room. There will be stairs going up. Keel climbing until you find the seed.

Mokoko Seed #4

At the top of the stairs, you will find fireplaces. The fourth and the last Mokoko seed is at the top of the fireplace at the extreme right of the room.

Lost Ark Fantasm Island Mokoko Seeds

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