Lost Ark Distorted Island Mokoko Seed Locations Guide

The following guide will show you where to find all the Mokoko Seeds on the Distorted Island in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Distorted Island Mokoko Seed Locations

Mokoko Seeds are a fun collectible in Lost Ark. There are around 1200 of them in the game, three of which are scattered across the Distorted Island.

Mokoko Seed 1
When you spawn on the island, the first Mokoko seed is exactly next to you. You just need to go west until you find a flipped boat. This is the exact place where you will find the seed.

Now, just move to the corner of the boat and the palm tree to collect the Mokoko Seed.

Mokoko Seed 2
After collecting the first seed from the above-mentioned location, you must proceed north until you reach an open gate. You should just stroll up to the fence and you’ll see the Mokoko seed poking out from the corner. Just go near it and collect it.

Mokoko Seed 3
The last and the final location is a little more challenging than the previous ones. After going past the gates and continuing north, you must turn right or east and walk through some forests.

This may take a little longer as the distance might be longer than the previous two so don’t worry. Just continue your way and the Mokoko seed will be right next to you on your right, near a bush.

There will be a shiny glowy entrance. Just take a peek at the map attached below so you can have an idea about the exact location.

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