Lost Ark Demon Beast Canyon Abyss Dungeon Guide

In this guide, we will provide a walkthrough of the Lost Ark Demon Beast Canyon Abyss Dungeon and give you tips on how to emerge victorious.

Lost Ark has many dungeons that you can clear to get additional loot and rare items. One of such dungeons is the Demon Beast Canyon Abyss Dungeon which promises some sweet rewards. In this guide, we will provide a walkthrough of the Lost Ark Demon Beast Canyon Abyss Dungeon and give you tips on how to defeat the enemies that you will face in the dungeon.

Lost Ark Demon Beast Canyon Abyss Dungeon

Abyss Dungeons are unlocked after you have played through the story campaign. These are end-game contents that you can do to get additional loot and upgrade your character.

The Demon Beast Canyon Abyss Dungeon is the first dungeon that you will face after the end-game, which is a Tier 1 Abyssal dungeon, located in Ancient Elveria. To enter the dungeon, you first need to reach Level 50 on your character and Level 340 on your Items.

You also need to go through the Waiting and Leaving quest found in the Northern Vern area to access the dungeons. Once these requirements have been met, you will be able to take part in the Abyss Dungeons and face the bosses easily.

Completing dungeons is relatively straightforward as you just have to clear the mobs instead of looking for any puzzles and solving them.

The same is the case with the Demon Beast Canyon Abyss Dungeon where you will face two bosses and defeat them to complete the dungeon.

The first boss that you will face is called Corrupted Vazuela, which we have discussed below.

Corrupted Vazuela Boss Fight

The first boss fight is fairly an easy one. Corrupted Vazuela is a large beast with slow mobility and hence, its attacks take a fair amount of time to execute. You’ll have a good amount of time to hit back between attacks.

The beast spawns Blood Puddles that damage everything that comes in its path. Before throwing the Blood Puddles, it will lock onto you and take a few seconds to shoot it towards you.

To counter the Blood Puddles, equip high-level gear and deplete its Stagger Bar below its HP to get rid of the puddles in the area.

Another attack of Corrupted Vazuela is the Spin Attack where it knocks back the players and deals a low amount of damage. The attack animation of the attack is slower than the previous attack and you can counter it easily.

The key to fighting against Corrupted Vazuela is to come equipped with the gear that takes out the Stagger Bar easily.

Make sure you also equip Combat items for the fight. The longer the fight takes, the more difficult it will become for you to defeat it.

Hideous Scarkrill Boss Fight

The second boss fight of Demon Beast Canyon abyssal dungeon will take place against Hideous Scarkrill, who is more agile and powerful than the previous boss. The main technique of Hideous Scarkrill is that it will enter Stealth Mode 2 minutes into the fight.

Once it is invisible, it will keep teleporting around the arena and execute a spin attack once it becomes visible again. Every time it goes invisible, an orb will spawn on the edge of the arena.

The stealth mode of the boss can only be stopped if you make the boss teleport near the orb and destroy the orb with its spin attack.

To get that done, all of the players need to stand in certain positions to force it to spawn next to the orb.

Once it destroys the orb, you can easily group up against the boss and keep attacking it until you have defeated it.

Another attack of it that you need to keep an eye on is its Hook Chain attack. As the name suggests, it throws a chain at the player and knocks them back. The close you are to the boss, the less is the chance of getting hit by the chain.

Once you have defeated both of the bosses, you will complete the Demon Beast Canyon Abyss Dungeon. You can receive the following rewards for completing the dungeon:

  • Necklace of Rage
  • Earrings of Fury
  • Ring of Fury
  • Earrings of Wrath
  • Ring of Wrath
  • Oath of Elberian Knight
  • Epic Fetranites
  • Album with a legendary card
  • Combat Engraving Sketch 1
  • Combat Seal Book 2
  • Class Seal book 1
  • Class seal book 2