How to Get Dawn Chamkuri Mount in Lost Ark

This guide will teach you How to Get Dawn Chamkuri Mount in Lost Ark and what are some of the prerequisites you need to complete to get it.

There are a lot of different mounts for you to unlock in Lost Ark. If you have a hard time finding the Dawn Chamkuri Mount, then this guide is for you as we will be explaining how to get Dawn Chamkuri Mount in Lost Ark.

How to Get Dawn Chamkuri Mount in Lost Ark

The Dawn Chamkuri Mount is a weird chicken-looking mount that is good despite its looks and has the same sprint speed as the other mounts in the game.

The mount has a Sprint ability instead of a Dash which makes you run around on the mount for three seconds and has a cooldown of nine seconds.

This ability mostly helps you cover much more distance in a short period, which is a blessing.

First of all, to start the questline for this mount, you need to be Item Level 460 and have completed the Shushire questline.

After you are item level 460 and have completed the Shushire questline, you can travel towards Rohendel and start its main questline.

You will meet a wizard named Digne, who will reward you with the Dawn Chamkuri Mount when you are halfway through the questline.

After that, you can just equip it and run around with it. So congratulations, you are now a proud owner of your very own Chocobo-Looking Mount in Lost Ark.

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