Lost Ark Crescent Isle Mokoko Seed Locations Guide

The following guide will mark the locations of all Mokoko Seeds players can collect on the Crescent Isle in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Crescent Isle Mokoko Seed Locations

There are a total of seven Mokoko seeds scattered across the Crescent Isle.

Mokoko Seeds 1 and 2
The first two Mokoko Seeds are found on the south side of the map. There is a hidden path here that is not shown on the map. That’s where you’ll find both Mokoko Seeds.

Mokoko Seed 3
The third Mokoko Seed lies in the north and is quite straightforward to spot. Simply look for the player symbol on the map, which is buried beneath a tree.

Mokoko Seeds 4 and 5
In a secret chamber, the fourth and fifth Mokoko Seeds are concealed. To access the secret area, go to the location where the player icon is located, which is not far from the last Mokoko Seed. Once there, simply turn left until your character enters a concealed room containing the two Mokoko Seeds.

Mokoko Seeds 6 and 7
The last two Mokoko seeds are very simple to spot because they’re on the right bottom of the map. Keep in mind that getting to them might cause you some trouble. Behind certain mysterious trees, the Mokoko Seeds are hidden. Forest’s Minuet, a song that can only be earned after completing the It’s Okay, Miss Fairy quest on Lullaby Island, can help you get through this.

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