How to Play Lost Ark With a Controller

Lost Ark hasn’t made any appearance for the consoles yet. But that isn’t stopping you from connecting your controller to...

Lost Ark hasn’t made any appearance for the consoles yet. But that isn’t stopping you from connecting your controller to the game. This guide will explain how to play Lost Ark with a Controller.

How to Play Lost Ark with a Controller

Lost Ark is near perfect when it comes to MMORPG games, and the Twitch streaming platform stands witness to that.

Lost Ark was bound to gain early success, given that it’s the best in its genre and it’s free to play. However, while the game dominates streaming platforms and breaks records, console gamers are struck with a harsh reality: Lost Ark is Windows exclusive only.

However, if your fingers are quick across the game controller when it comes to MMO games, you’re not entirely at a loss.

Are Game Controllers Compatible with Lost Ark?

The short and sweet answer to that is yes! You might not be able to play this game on your console, but you can connect your controller with it to have the maximum console-like experience while playing it on a PC.

There is still a downside for players having a DualShock 4 or a DualSense controller. They can be connected to the game. However, all the key assignments available in the game are for an Xbox controller.

Connecting your Controller to Lost Ark

The controller can be activated from the gamepad interface menu in the game’s settings. You’ll find the Use Gamepad Box option there, and it needs to be activated.

This option is usually activated by default when you plug in your controller, offering you a plug-n-play experience. However, if it malfunctions, you can always activate it manually.

Lastly, if you haven’t configured your Steam settings, you’ll have to do that as well for the controller to work.

You’ll need to select the controller you’re using from the controller settings in Steam. With that being done, you’re all ready to head into the battle with your joysticks in hand.

Lost Ark Controller Shortcuts

Below you’ll find all the controls for your Xbox controller.

Basic Controls

Movement – Left Analogue

Interact / Progress Dialogue – L3

Mouse Cursor – Right Analogue

Interact / Item Pick Up / Mouse Click – R3

Skip Cutscene – B Button

World Map – Back Button

Expand Minimap – RB + Back Button

Game Menu – RB + Start Button

Character Profile – LB + Start Button

Emotes – Right Button

Inventory – Left Button

Sheet Music  Up Button

Push-to-Talk – Down Button

Combat Controls

Dodge Roll – A Button

Basic Attack – X Button

Ultimate Skill 1 – Y Button

Ultimate Skill 2 – B Button

Combat Skill 1 – LB + X

Combat Skill 2 – LB + Y

Combat Skill 3 – LB + B

Combat Skill 4 – LB + A

Combat Skill 5 – LT + X

Combat Skill 6 – LT + Y

Combat Skill 7 – LT + B

Combat Skill 8 – LT + A

Guild Skill 1  LB + Left Button

Guild Skill 2  LB + Up Button

Guild Skill 3  LB + Right Button

Guild Skill 4 – LB + Down Button

Guild Skill 5  LT + Left Button

Awakening Skill  LB + Left Trigger + X

Control Companion – LT + R3

Sailing Controls

Ship Horn – X Button

Fast Sailing – A Button

Docking Mode – Y Button

Auto Sailing – B Button

Mount Controls

Speed Boost – A Button

Double Jump – A Button + A Button

Mount Skill 1 – Left Bumper + X

Mount Skill 2 – Left Bumper + Y

Mount Skill 3 – Left Bumper + B

Dismount – Left Bumper + A

Item Controls

Item Preset 1 – RB + RT + Left Button

Item Preset 2 – RB + RT + Up Button

Item Preset 3 – RB + RT + Right Button

Item Preset 4 – RB + RT + Down Button

Custom Slot 1 – RB + X Button

Custom Slot 2 – RB + Y Button

Custom Slot 3 – RB + B Button

Custom Slot 4 – LB + RB + X Button

Custom Slot 5 – LB + RB + Y Button

Custom Slot 6 – LB + RB + B Button

Battle Item 1 – RT + X Button

Battle Item 2 – RT + Y Button

Battle Item 3 – RT + B Button

Battle Item 4 – RT + A Button

Quest Item 1 – RB + Left Button

Quest Item 2 – RB + Up Button

Quest Item 3 – RB + Right Button

Quest Item 4 – RB + Down Button

Quest Item 5 – RT + Left Button

Quest Item 6 – RT + Up Button

Quest Item 7 – RT + Right Button

Quest Item 8 – RT + Down Button

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